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Gift Ideas for Christmas

Is the fitness fanatic always the most difficult person to buy a gift for? We are here to help you find a great gift, big or small, look no further than the items below. The 'refine by' search on the right of the screen will help you chose the right price point or select their favorite brand and don't forget to have a look at the suggested 'works well with' items to add an extra special item along with your gift. And if you are really not sure what to chose there is always an electironic gift card for your chosen value!

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Bodybuilding Warehouse - Stacker Bottle

Great For Organisation

Great for organising supplements for the day/week. I keep all my vitamins and powders in the stacker; it is much easier than carrying around lots of separate containers. Very convenient for travelling and storage containers can be added or removed to make a different sized stacker.

Dorian Yates (DY) Shaker - 500ml

Love It

Really good quality shaker, never had a problem mixing anything with this, even thick mass gainers. Also never leaks unlike some other tatty quality ones around. Good value for money product.

Bodybuilding Warehouse Canvas Lifting Straps (Black)


These are just amazing, they are great what more can be said, they are better quality then the top end priced ones but they are some of the cheapest one's I've seen.

Bodybuilding Warehouse Canvas Lifting Straps (Black)

Excellent Quality

These are very hard wearing, and very good quality

Bodybuilding Warehouse Canvas Lifting Straps (Black)


Had these straps for months now and holding up strong honestly don't know how I got on without them, bought my brother in law some to try out to and he's also sold, a must for any deadlift