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Look sharp and train hard! Our selection of ultra-premium, high quality sports clothing and accessories help you stay cool and look sharp in the gym whilst you're setting new personal records!

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Bodybuilding Warehouse Blender / Shaker - 700ml

Great Buy

Bought to blend my meal replacement products as i couldn't find a small basic shaker. It arrived with free delivery so i was very pleased as it is very good quality and well made. A little too big for what i wanted but great item all the same.

Bodybuilding Warehouse Blender / Shaker - 700ml

Excellent Product, No Complaints.

I've never used a protein shaker before, but this is just great. I had previously been mixing my protein for ages in a cup, but I went and got this, and it's very effective. Seal is tight, and it's even got measurements along the side so you can tell how much you're consuming. For this price, there's no reason to look elsewhere.

Bodybuilding Warehouse Blender / Shaker - 700ml


Does exactly what a protein blender should. Blends the powder well with what ever liquid you choose to blend with. Excellent product.

Bodybuilding Warehouse Blender / Shaker - 700ml

Amazing Product

This shaker is absolutely amazing. Tight seal on the lid, no leaks, the shaker ball included is really good as it mixes all powders! Would buy again!

Bodybuilding Warehouse Blender / Shaker - 700ml

A** Shaker

I bought this shaker bottle from amazon after my last one the Maximuscle one broke. I used it the other day. It blends very well and you don't get any gloop from the product you are mixing. Will recommend to my friends.