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CNP Professional

CNP make some of the best bodybuilding supplements in the industry. If you want one of the best protein powders, look no further than CNP Pro-Peptide - it's a blend of fast and slow digesting proteins to ensure sustained delivery of nutrients in between meals. If you're bulking up, check out CNP's Pro-Flapjacks, which are high in both protein and low-glycemic carbs. What about fat loss? Well, their Pro-CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a healthy fat and derived from Safflower oil, research indicates that it supportsbodyfat reduction whilst also retaining and potentially increasing muscle tissue. Creatine? We sell Pro-Creatine, one of the finest creatine monohydrate powders available on the market today.

CNP were one of the original bodybuilding supplement manufacturers in the UK - one of the first to launch, and they created the original "protein blend" with CNP Pro-Peptide. Pro-Peptide is a premium blend of Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein and Egg protein designed to drip feed your body both fast and slow release proteins over a number of hours. With added pro-biotics, it's both easy to digest and exceptionally delicious.

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Latest reviews for CNP Professional


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Total Reviews:5

CNP Pro-Recover - 1.28kg

CNP At Budget Price

You can't buy cheaper anywhere, I know, I looked.

CNP Pro-BCAA - 180 Caps

Can't Beat The Price

Ridiculously low price for CNP, cheers BBW, bargain.

CNP Pro-Flapjack - 24 Bars

Solid Product

Decent texture and very filling but the cherry and almond flavour was not to my liking, I had two and sold the rest of the box.

Mix and Match 5 x Protein Treats!


What a great way to sample a range of protein bars. Ideal when you are on the road! At £1 a bar, you can't go wrong.

CNP Pro-Lean - 90 Caps

Top Product

Highly recommend, felt they worked really well.