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CNP Professional

CNP make some of the best bodybuilding supplements in the industry. If you want one of the best protein powders, look no further than CNP Pro-Peptide - it's a blend of fast and slow digesting proteins to ensure sustained delivery of nutrients in between meals. If you're bulking up, check out CNP's Pro-Flapjacks, which are high in both protein and low-glycemic carbs. What about fat loss? Well, their Pro-CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a healthy fat and derived from Safflower oil, research indicates that it supportsbodyfat reduction whilst also retaining and potentially increasing muscle tissue. Creatine? We sell Pro-Creatine, one of the finest creatine monohydrate powders available on the market today.

CNP were one of the original bodybuilding supplement manufacturers in the UK - one of the first to launch, and they created the original "protein blend" with CNP Pro-Peptide. Pro-Peptide is a premium blend of Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein and Egg protein designed to drip feed your body both fast and slow release proteins over a number of hours. With added pro-biotics, it's both easy to digest and exceptionally delicious.

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Latest reviews for CNP Professional


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CNP Pro-MS - 15 Sachets


Lovely thick strawberry flavour drink. Having the pre made portions are convenient to take with you. Would love CNP to sell it in tubs for bulk buy as it gets expensive buying the sachets.

Mix and Match 5 x Protein Treats!


This is a great deal to be able to try the different flavours available in the flapjacks at only £1 each or if you can't afford a full box.

CNP Pro-Mass - 4.5kg


I have been using this for two months now, with skimmed milk and have packed on some nice pounds, goes down well blends nicely in a normal shaker 30 seconds to a minute I normally shake for, haven't felt bloated while using great product and a great value for money.

CNP Pro-Recover - 1.28kg

CNP At Budget Price

You can't buy cheaper anywhere, I know, I looked.

CNP Pro-BCAA - 180 Caps

Can't Beat The Price

Ridiculously low price for CNP, cheers BBW, bargain.