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On Monday 6th January 2014, Bodybuilding Warehouse kicked off our 8 week body transformation challenge and so far it has been a great success! We have had entries from all ages and body shapes and you can get involved at any time by sending your before to Transform@bodybuildingwarehouse.co.uk.  Before sending your pictures, have a quick read of our notes below.

During every step of your transformation, just can get support, reach other entrants and keep up to date with all the latest information by searching and using #BBWTransform on your social sites.

 Joining you on this amazing body transformation journey is Bodybuilding Warehouse Marketing Manager, Kim and Warehouse Manager, Steve!  Kim and Steve will blog their progress, post recipes and motivate you to meet your transformation goals!  You can find there latest blog entry by clicking here.

 We are giving away £300 of Bodybuilding Warehouse supplements to the person who has the best overall transformation within the timeframe, meaning that there is more than just an amazing new physique up for grabs! 
body transformation stack

 We have also created the transformation stack which is on site at an incredible price of just £69.98 to help aid your diet and training on the 8 week challenge!

 Studies show that engaging with like minded people improves your chances of reaching your fitness goals, so don’t keep your transformation journey to yourself.  If you’ve just joined let us know on twitter, made something healthy share then your picture on instagram, if you’ve just hit a heavy session shout us on Facebook.  Just make sure you include #BBWTransform and we can all get involved. 

We will be sending weekly emails to make sure you are getting on ok and of course, both Kim and Steve will be sharing their experiences and progress pics with you so Good Luck everyone!  Let the Body Battle Commence!!

The Before Pictures

If you’d like to take up the challenge, all you need to do is send your contact details and pictures to transform@bodybuildingwarehouse.co.uk. You must include a newspaper from the day that you enter and your pictures should include a front, side and back view. Ideally you need to show as much skin as possible so shorts for men and shorts and a crop top for women. Please also include your Name, Email Address, Age, Weight and Height. 

The Rules

The competition officially ends on 3rd March 2014 and it is important that you send your after pictures before 9am on 4th March 2014 to be in with a chance of winning £300 worth of Bodybuilding Warehouse Supplements.  We will be fraud checking all images so if you are considering trying to cheat, why not invest all that ingenuity into crafting a training plan and diet that works for you. We have a panel of judges who will determine 5 transformation finalists and then it will be up to the Bodybuilding Warehouse community to vote for their winner.