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Contest Preparation

Are you a competitive bodybuilder? Are you coming up to a bodybuilding show? Then our Contest Preparation section is the one for you! Here you'll find products like Pro-Tan self tanning formula, pre-competition tanning preparations and bronzers, muscle hardeners, and other sports accessories perfectly designs to help you do you best on the day of the event. We all know how hard it is to get in shape, and getting into competition shape is even harder! Show off that hard won muscle mass with the UK's best tanning products and bring home your trophy!

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Pure iBCAA Powder 8:1:1

Brilliant Product

Defo a good product and last so much longer compared to the mainstream brands. Taste is not too bad too. Recommended.

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Pure iBCAA Powder 8:1:1

Keep On Sipping

Another great product from the bbw range. mixes great and tastes fine. Keep sipping during my workout and keeps me fuelled and hydrated. How about another flavour in this ratio bbw? Something citrus'y

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Pure iBCAA Powder 8:1:1


I had the berries flavour,it mixes well and lasts ages. Tastes good and does the job. I used it during training. It definitely helped my recovery times I would recommend this product as part of a balanced diet when strength training

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Pure Hydrolysed Whey

The Real Stuff

Great product. Beats all the other types of whey protein for effectiveness and digestibility.

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Pure Whey Protein Isolate 95

Brilliant Quality And Lovely Flavours

Brilliant value for money and incredibly quality - BBW make everything in house, so this was great value for money to me. Normally you'd pay £80+ for 2kg's of isolate and usually it's filled with other things you don't want. BBW's Whey 95 has just that.... 95% whey, no filler, no junk and it was only £45. I'll be sticking with this for quite a while now - please, please do more flavours like in your Whey 80 BBW! xx

Please note: Individual results will vary