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Contest Preparation

Are you a competitive bodybuilder? Are you coming up to a bodybuilding show? Then our Contest Preparation section is the one for you! Here you'll find products like Pro-Tan self tanning formula, pre-competition tanning preparations and bronzers, muscle hardeners, and other sports accessories perfectly designs to help you do you best on the day of the event. We all know how hard it is to get in shape, and getting into competition shape is even harder! Show off that hard won muscle mass with the UK's best tanning products and bring home your trophy!

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Pure iBCAA 8:1:1

Best BCAA Yet

Started using this 2 weeks ago to aide a PH cycle. Taking twice a day, once during work, just sipping over half an hour, and once before working out. Takes the edge off tiredness during workout and post workout pain is reduced. Mixes well in a glass but better in a shaker. The berry flavour isn't bad, easy enough to drink, will probably order the unflavoured next time.

Warrior KREATINE - 120 Vcaps


Another great product from a great company. When has Warrior ever let you down :-)

AD Matador - 90 Caps


This product is fantastic for people looking for good results! Pump is much better and visable than before and also the look and feel of hardness/fullness in the muscle is excellent! However, do not forget to take on your days off otherwise sometimes the look and feel begins to wear off ;( Im awful for this!

AD Matador - 90 Caps

Good Product

Need to have another tub to fully evaluate their effectiveness but did seem to have good pimps off them

Pure iBCAA 8:1:1

Great Value

Mixes ok ,very good value