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Dorian Yates Nutrition

DY Nutrition is Dorian Yates brand new range of bodybuilding supplements including the infamous DY NOX Pump! Dorian Yates is a 6-time Mr Olympia bodybuilding competition winner, and Britain's most successful ever bodybuilder! DY supplements are inspired by Dorian himself, with his needs in mind. DY NOX Pump is designed for pre-workout energy, focus and pump. It contains a powerful blend of L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG), Citrulline Malate (as used in Bodybuilding Warehouse Excel), Guarana Extract, Glucuronolactone, Cocoa Bean Extract Blend, Caffeine and more.

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Dorian Yates (DY) Shaker - 500ml

Love It

Really good quality shaker, never had a problem mixing anything with this, even thick mass gainers. Also never leaks unlike some other tatty quality ones around. Good value for money product.

Dorian Yates (DY) NOX Pump - 30 Sachets

Amazing Product

I love this stuff. would recommend this to anyone. Its the best pre-workout i have tried. the taste is good compeared to other pre-workouts. But the effects are outstanding. My workouts are much better when i use nox pump, and there is no crash after taking it. 5star product.

Dorian Yates (DY) Shaker - 500ml

Spot On!

Spot on! Very happy with the product and service.

Dorian Yates (DY) NOX Pump - 30 Sachets



Dorian Yates GHBlast - 280g

Excellent Sleeping Aid!

On my 3rd tub of the GHBlast and i must admit its definately one of the best supplement products ive bought to date, even the missus uses it. If your after a sleeping aid to help put you into a deeper sleeping and improve recovery then this is for you. Within 15mins i can feel my eyes getting heavier and then im gone. Dreams are weird and bizarre, often feeling real. I wake up feeling fresh from a great nights kip, and feel better recovered from training. Top product from a great range. Def recommend it!