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Exercise Equipment

In this exercise equipment sections you'll find everything you need to get maximise your training and reach your full potential. We have a range of lifting straps so you can lift that little bit more and smash through your targets in the gym, lifting gloves to help prevent you from getting calluses or blisters, lifting belts and clothing .Why not take a look at our Bodybuilding Warehouse stacker bottle, you can store multiple servings in for you pre and post workout shake. Here at Bodybuilding Warehouse not only do we stock some of the best supplements on the market with the best value, but we also do a comprehensive range of bodybuilding equipment and workout accessories.

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Bodybuilding Warehouse Blender Bottle / Shaker - 700ml


Mixes spot on!

Bodybuilding Warehouse Blender Bottle / Shaker - 700ml

Does What It Says

I prefer the bbw bottle to the smartshake bottle. much more room to blend & smartshake tops are hard to clean. Thanks bbw

Bodybuilding Warehouse - Stacker Bottle

Great For Organisation

Great for organising supplements for the day/week. I keep all my vitamins and powders in the stacker; it is much easier than carrying around lots of separate containers. Very convenient for travelling and storage containers can be added or removed to make a different sized stacker.

Warrior Blender / Shaker - 700ml

Worth It!

Used to use shakers with the grid in side, pain to clean power from all the nook and crannies. This was easy to use, easy to clean and good results.

Dorian Yates (DY) Shaker - 500ml

Love It

Really good quality shaker, never had a problem mixing anything with this, even thick mass gainers. Also never leaks unlike some other tatty quality ones around. Good value for money product.