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Exercise Equipment

In this exercise equipment sections you'll find everything you need to get maximise your training and reach your full potential. We have a range of lifting straps so you can lift that little bit more and smash through your targets in the gym, lifting gloves to help prevent you from getting calluses or blisters, lifting belts and clothing .Why not take a look at our Bodybuilding Warehouse stacker bottle, you can store multiple servings in for you pre and post workout shake. Here at Bodybuilding Warehouse not only do we stock some of the best supplements on the market with the best value, but we also do a comprehensive range of bodybuilding equipment and workout accessories.

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Bodybuilding Warehouse Blender / Shaker - 700ml


Does exactly what a protein blender should. Blends the powder well with what ever liquid you choose to blend with. Excellent product.

Bodybuilding Warehouse Blender / Shaker - 700ml

Amazing Product

This shaker is absolutely amazing. Tight seal on the lid, no leaks, the shaker ball included is really good as it mixes all powders! Would buy again!

Bodybuilding Warehouse Blender / Shaker - 700ml

A** Shaker

I bought this shaker bottle from amazon after my last one the Maximuscle one broke. I used it the other day. It blends very well and you don't get any gloop from the product you are mixing. Will recommend to my friends.

Screw Top Protein Shaker / Blender Bottle - 800ml

Top Shaker!

This is genuinely the best shaker I've ever had!.... Looks awesome in bright orange and does the job! It's bigger enough for the larger Mass shakes and in the time I've been using it, no leaks! Well recommended and fantastic value at £3! Add one in your next order!

Bodybuilding Warehouse Canvas Lifting Straps (Black)

Very Good

These are the first straps I've ever used so wasn't sure how they work but a quick search on YouTube gave me some tutorials . I used it for my last set on Dead lift and it worked great and feels comfortable around wrists too.I would recommend doing some Grip Strength work and to only use straps on heavy sets.