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Fat Burners

Fat loss is one of the hardest goals in bodybuilding - but there's a huge range of bodybuilding supplements to help you get there! Fat burners supplements can be split into several main categories:

  • Thermogenic Fat Burners (often appetite suppressing)
  • Stimulant Free Fat Burners (or "stim-free fat burners")
  • Fat blockers
  • Thyroid Based Fat Burners

Most fat burners are "thermogenic" and aim to increase your base metabolic rate by a few percentage points so your body burns more calories than it would do otherwise. An advantage of thermogenic bodybuilding fat burners is that they will often decrease appetite (and reduce cravings), whilst also improving energy levels.

Stimulant free fat burners, fat blockers and thyroid based fat burners can be stacked with thermogenic fat burners to increase their impact and the success of the supplement stack. Stim-free fat burners will improve the rate at which your body burns fat, without antagonising your beta receptors, and are useful for those creating a fat-loss stack or who have pre-existing hypertension and don't wish to chance elevating it. Fat blockers reduce the amount of fat (or in some case carbs) absorbed at each meal. Thyroid based fat burners up-regulate and optimise the activity of your thyroid to improve loss of stubborn fat - they're great for the last few weeks of a diet, but you should ensure you take long breaks between "cycles" since they're also quite powerful.

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Latest reviews for Fat Burners


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TANKED My Lower Belly Fat!

I've always had trouble getting rid of that last bit of fat on the bottom of my stomach and TANKED did it. Over the moon!


Great Product

I'm fairly lean anyway, but thought I'd give TANKED a go after taking a break from training. I used it for 3 weeks, taking 4 caps split throughout the day alongside a clean diet and workouts 3 times a week. Ive got to say the energy preworkout from this is fantastic, and I've now got my 6 pack back so I'm very happy.


Great For Cutting

Used it before my last comp and helped me get in great condition.


Worked Really Fast And Felt Great

Normally these kind of things make me feel ill when I take them, but I felt fantastic taking TANKED. No shakes or problems sleeping (so long as you take it far enough away from bed!!! dont take it within 6hrs of going to sleep, trust me!!!). I lost 1 stone of pure body fat, I kept my figure, and muscle, and the product feels really good quality (you can just tell they've put a lot of thought and effort into it). Well recommended.

Ripped 'n' Shredded Stack


Great range of products loved the opportunity to choose different varieties I.e. Standard or creapure monohydrate. This was a bargain as bought in sale. Hope to see the results I'm after over next 6 weeks