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Health Foods

Healthy foods, high protein snacks, low calories snacks and more. Superfoods, interesting meal options and great healthy foods at the best prices in the UK for unparalleled quality health foods and treats!

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Premium Protein Mousse

Spot On Dessert

This is just what I need for a sweet fix. Quick and easy and tastes good. Thicker than I thought it would be but still spot on. Smores flavour is what i've had this time round.

Premium Protein Mousse


A great meal! I am very satisfied, I recommend this product!

Premium Protein Mousse

Brill For Sweet Cravings

This is a really good sweet treat for me when dieting. Easy to make and i leave it in the fridge for about 90mins to make it go that bit thicker. Tried the Cookies and Cream and will give the Banana flavour a go next!

Premium Protein Mousse

Sorry, This Is Really Not For Me!

I was pretty disappointed with this product TBH, after the great quality of the other protein products at BBW... I've tried it twice now, mixed as advised (Mix 2 scoops in around 150ml water) and firstly it's really not a mousse, it's more like custard. Don't be expecting a nice light frothy mousse! The whole point of this is that it's meant to be like a dessert - a nicer way to take protein, but I found it pretty horrible to eat based on the consistency and to me it didn't taste anything like cookies & cream. The flavour was more like weak coffee! The nutritional value is great, but I'd much rather have some delicious Protein V2 shakes than this pretty poor version of a dessert :( I don't even want to finish the packet of it. Clearly the other reviewers like it though!

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition REAL FOOD


If your looking for some good clean carbs to add to a shake, or throw into your cooking, or a really tasty treat now and again buy this. The flavour description I thinks a little misleading as the main flavour once you mix it into things is blueberry. Mixed with vanilla whey and water post workout this is delicious, made with milk in a blender and you'll have a thick shake that will completely make your day. I quite liked the oats as bits to chew on when mixed by hand in a shaker if that's not your thing then out with the blender. Really helping me enjoy my shakes and chucked in with pancake or waffle batter it's a total wine.