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Healthy foods, high protein snacks, low calories snacks and more. Superfoods, interesting meal options and great healthy foods at the best prices in the UK for unparalleled quality health foods and treats!

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Premium Protein Mousse

Strawberry And Chocolate Nice, Banana Is Rancid

I have tried 3 different flavours of this mousse. 2 scoops mixed with 150ml water makes a lovely consistency for this mousse. Chocolate fudge is pleasant tasting I would recommend this one as I would the strawberry. though I could not say the same about the banana mixed one lot up and threw the bag away. it was not tasty at all as it had no flavour, though the other flavour were good. i am slowly working my way through them.

Premium Protein Mousse


I don't usually review items on this site - that is mainly because most of the stuff I order from Bodybuilding Warehouse is usually of good quality and value and have been a loyal customer for several years and never really had a strong reason to complain. However on first tasting this product I thought I have to write a review. This tasted absolutely horrible. The first spoonful caused my face drop and after that it was a serious struggle to eat it. I ordered the cookies and cream flavour, which was highly touted amongst the previous reviewers, and followed the instructions in making it and it tasted vile and medicinal. I actually couldn't finish my first bowl and have no idea how I am going to finish the bag, thankfully I bought the smallest bag. BBWarehouse: Sorry to hear you aren't a fan of the flavour. We do have a lot of good reviews on this flavour but there are other flavour variations available too - the mousse just might not be a product suited to your taste :)

Premium Protein Mousse

Easy To Make

Easy to make and great taste wise would recommend

Premium Protein Mousse


Two scoops + 150ml water, put in the fridge for an hour and you get protein mousse that tastes like angel delight! (based on strawberry flavour).

Premium Protein Mousse

Ideal Pre-bed Snack.....

I have tried some protein mousse products from another well known major supplement brand, and not only the macros i.e. carbs that sugar, were not that great, I found the taste and consitency off-putting. NOT THIS PRODUCT!! I purchased two 500g pouches; Smores and White Chocolate Raspberry. My only regret, I never purchased them in larger quantity. This product not only is innovative, it tastes bloody fantastic. This is ideal for anyone who is looking for a time-released good quality protein before bed, and also great for people who are running a calorie deficit or cutting and looking for something to dial back any sweet-tooth cravings. I normally have this with some nut butter as well. Like any instruction, it is there to provide guidance. In the other reviews, there are some issues with mixing etc. I have had no issues with this whatsoever. My tip is to add water or almond milk slowly to the product and continue to do so while mixing until you achieve your desired consitency….simples. Enjoy folks, this product is the bomb and the WCR is by far the best!!!