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Health Supplements

More and more of us are interested in improving our overall health, not just sports performance, how much weight we lift, or how lean we are. Bodybuilding Warehouse's Health Supplements section includes a hand picked ranged of supplements ideal for optimising your overall health and wellness. These include things like fish oils, multi-vitamin supplement, joint support supplements, even combinations of omega 369, glucosamine and more. If you're looking to optimise your health with products like Bodybuilding Warehouse Green Tea, or Bodybuilding Warehouse CLA, you've found the right place.

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Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract (1000mg)

Not Bad

I've tried a variety now, the Blaze, Raspberry Ketones & now these. The Blaze were by far the most powerful, to the point where if I didn't eat soon after taking one I felt like I was going to pass out. These are good , especially for the price & not as potent as others. I haven't finished the whole packet yet, but I'd buy again. I'd say they definitely help with the snacking.

2 x Premium Protein Flapjacks x 24 Bars (48 Bars in Total!)

Excellent Product

I have ordered these protein flapjacks in defferent flawour in the past 3 months, however, chocolate pecan flawour is my favorate. They are tasty and excellent value protein bars.

Universal Animal Pak - 44 Packs

Good Solid Multi

You can't knock the animal... For those of you who train hard and push the body's limits - this is a must. You'll be able to tell the difference on the days you don't have them. Also one pak is more than sufficient and you'll need to wash It down with 1-2 litres of water.

2 x Premium Protein Flapjacks x 24 Bars (48 Bars in Total!)

Great Bars, Avoid Pecan Though!

I bought these after having previously stuck with the equivilant product from a competitor - only these offered twice as many bars for the same price! I purchased a box of chocolate pecan and chocolate macaroon - the pecan isn't great if i'm honest, has quite a nasty after taste. I imagine they'll be in the cupboard for a while! The chocolate macaroon however are amazing! The only way to describe them is tasting like a bounty chocolate bar, even the texture is the same. These i definitely will be purchasing again! Overall great bars, but in my opinion - avoid pecan flavour.

Pure Zinc Magnesium and Vitamin B6

Essential Supplement

I don't take many supplements consistently, but I've been using ZMA for two years and I now really notice the difference without it. It's particularly useful to take on those nights when you just know you aren't going to get your preferred amount of sleep, because the sleep that you have is much deeper, even if you only get 5 hours, you feel like you've had 8! Added bonus is you get some pretty entertaining dreams after you've been taking it a few nights on the trot!