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Get a monster grip and great forearm definition, range of 100lbs-350lbs

Heavy Grips - Monster Grip 100lbs-350lbs

Gain extraordinary  hand strength and imrpove hand grip  by doing low reps with increased resistance over time. A lot of people over look their forearms as an area they need to train.

Heavy grips can aid you to improve in your sports performance or just impress your friends - have a competition and see who can get the most reps or the strongest squeeze!

The phrase no pain no gain does not apply to heavy grips, do not use the grips unless you have recovered from your last heavy grip session!

On the reverse of the packaging you will find a description of how to use the grips properly along with some safety warnings - please ensure to read these before disposing of the packaging.


Nutrition Info

Please ensure to read the information on the reverse of the pack regarding how to train with the Heavy Grips and safety warnings.


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