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High Protein Snacks

Our bodybuilding snacks section is packed with high protein snacks, meal replacements, tasty high protein desserts and other healthy treats that are ideal for keeping fat down and building lean muscle! These treats are convenient, healthy, high in protein and great to have when you don't have time to cook a meal. They are especially useful for those who are bulking up and need to maintain a high calorie intake, or those who are often on the run.

Why not leave a protein bar in your car, or in the office draw, or your gym locker so you never miss a meal? Bodybuilding and other forms of training are often more down to diet than training, and it's through diet you make your best gains! Try a Bodybuilding Warehouse high-protein snack today!

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Premium Protein Pancakes

In Love With These

Sooooo easy to make great taste and so light, will deff be working my way through the flavours

Premium Protein Flapjacks x 24 Bars

Best Bars I've Had!

I decided to try these bars becasue i'm always looking for an easy way to get protein without having too carry a shaker with me all the time, the problem I have with bars is the protein taste is so vile, alot of brands claim they have superior tasting bars and there are usually reviews to back them up to a certain extent but, these bars are amazing, they are such great value for money, they taste amazing, I can honestly say i've never had a better protein bar. They taste just like a flapjack, they have real fruit pieces (of nuts/chocolate depending on the ones you take) I took honey and raspberry (I figured this would be the closest to a natural flavour) they also have a bottom layer of chocolate. I can say for sure that I will be getting these again and again and i'll also be trying out some other flavours.

Premium Protein Pancakes

Good Product Quality Product

I found this product through a review in a magazine subscription I have, It had a good write up and I thought it would be good to try it out for the price, also I wanted to check out the site too. When I was on the BBW website I found a whole load of things that look great and had glowing reviews on the site too, I ordered the pancake mix because I wanted to try it out in my waffle maker to see what it would be like. My first batch I tried with the mix as is and it was ok but for me I am sensitive to artificial sweetners and get the taste very strong in my mouth, while the waffles turned out good the taste wasn't to my liking so I decided to tweek it a bit with an egg and added a touch of salt to balance out the flavours, I can honestly say it was great the 2nd time round, i've since had a friend round to try some and he loved them too, I went with the original flavour because they were just a trial but I think i'll try other flavours too. In the waffle maker they turn out really nice and crispy on the outside and fluffy in the centre, once you have put on other items thee flavours balance nicely, I have done with fruit and Argave nectar and with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. All in all a great product, i'm happy with the tweaking I did because the flavours are perfect for me, but also they are still giving me what I need.

Quest Protein Bars - 12 Bars

Cookies And Cream

Nice flavour with chunky pieces of cream. Bar a little powdery and sweet. Would buy again but try another flavour for a change. Calorie content ok.

Premium Protein Pancakes


I got the choc orange in a voucher deal and it was ok, but have since bought the white choc raspberry and love it. I find it's better to make 2 smaller pancakes from the suggested serving as I was doing 1 large one which turned out thin in a big frying pan and less flavoured. Can't wait to try more think I will get the strawberry coconut lux flavour next!