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Increase Energy

We all feel tired from time to time, and when we are it's hard to put in our best effort. Whether it's a hectic work schedule, a new baby, or just a stressful week, we can all feel tired sometimes. With Bodybuilding Warehouse's energy supplements we can help you overcome this fatigue and still put in an awesome performance at the gym! Energy supplements can be used first thing in the morning as a "kick start" to your day to help you get into the swing of morning cardio, or 20-30 minutes pre-workout to give you a boost before you hit the gym, or even during the day, say around early afternoon when that post-lunch lull can set in. Taking energy supplements can often help with fat loss due the extra appetite suppression, reduction in cravings, and metabolic boost - check out our fat loss section as well, if this is your goal! Energy supplements can often be very powerful, so please pay attention to the manufacturer's recommended dosages and don't exceed them. If you're looking for some of the strongest energy supplements in the world, check out our Fat Burners category or Warrior Rush these powerful stimulants will give you the boost you desire!

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Devil Dawg Nutrition - Dragon Fire

Mind Blowing!

I use pre workouts on a regualr basis as they give me the extra edge and focus that I need for my lifting days. I was given a sample of this Devil Dawg Fire at Lifestyle Ftiness Manchester, as i am always eager to try to new supplements. I am not going to lie it didn't taste great, but in my experience this is normally a good sign that it is a high quality product. Within 15 minutes i felt incredible, i was energised, focused and feeling extremely pumped for my session. My focus was unreal and my recovery in between sets was really good. I literally felt like i wanted to have a party on my lifting platform. I turned by favourite paylist on and away i went, in a world of my own, awesome focus, awesome euphoric feeling. I am very impressed with the quality of this product, it didn't taste great but that is minor issue! i can deal with the taste as i know what is coming from taking it. INCREDIBLE :)

Warrior RAGE - 392g


Took 1 scoop today for first time. Seemed to work. Felt pumped and ready to go and was blasting out the reps. Got a weird tingly face and no crash. Flavours not the best (berry). Will be doing 1.5 scoop tomorrow and im sure il get even better results.

Warrior RAGE - 392g

For Those Great Workouts.

Gives you a great energy/focus boost. However don't get the blazing berry flavour as it tastes like lemsip max... Overall 4 out of 5 but only because of the flavour I got. Will definitely purchase again just not blazing berry flavour!!

Dorian Yates (DY) NOX Pump - 30 Sachets

Works For Me

Not too big fan of the taste but this is one of the 2-3 pre-works which actually works for me.

Pharma Freak Ripped Freak Pre-Workout - 200g

A Good Pre Workout Supplement

Although Ripped Freak doesn't seem to let me lift any extra weight, it definitely helps me do more reps and gives me more energy throughout my workout. Like other pre workouts I've tried, it does make my face itch a bit but only slightly and it kicks in within 15 minutes. To be honest, Sci MX X-Plode Hardcore gave me a much bigger buzz when I first tried it and I was able to chest press an extra 10kg but it seemed to wear off very quickly into my workout so I would probably stick with Ripped Freak as it's long lasting.