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Intra-workouts are the next evolution of performance! If you're looking to boost endurance, strength and recovery both during your workout, then intra-workouts are for you. Typically based around branch chain amino acids (BCAAs), we offer a wide variety of options. From 2:1:1 to 8:1:1 and 4:1:1 BCAA drinks to our amazing Performance Excel with a blend of BCAAs, Citrulline Malate and Glutamine. The best intra-workout drinks are designed to help you get the great results from your training. We only use the highest quality ingredients, all of which are 100% pure and manufactured in house in our State of the Art facility, so we control every aspect of the production process and ensure exceptional, World leading quality. Our intra-workout drinks are the highest quality, most effective in the World - if you're ready to take your training to the next level, check out our selection below.

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Pure iBCAA Powder 2:1:1

Tastes Amazing!

Would highly recommend this, tastes great and blends perfectly, red berry flavour is the one for me!

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Pure Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (Cluster Dextrin®)


Much better than other carb powders iv used. no upset stomach or crashes in energy. bit pricey but worth it, taste (strawberry & lime) and mixability is perfect. I chuck a few scoops of bcaa in for intra shake

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Performance Prime Caffeine Free Pre-Workout

Brilliant - If You Use It Right!

This stuff is great - I can't have caffeine as it makes me loopy, but this - when used right - gives a great buzz and pump when working out. The ideal dose (for me) is two scoops in 250/300mls about 20-30 mins before working out and one scoop in about 700mls as an intra workout. Need to use it both as pre and intra to get the full effect.

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Performance Excel BCAA Powder Intra-Workout

Good Supplement

Second time ive got this ( both flavours are nice) not as sore the next day taking this supplement. Good quality. Gains

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Performance Prime Pre-Workout

Citrus Punch

Really good stuff, gives you that boost you need for your workout without the crazy hype up that some pre-workouts give. The flavour is good, it's like strong lilt! Some of the components don't mix completely in the water, there's generally a bit of powder left in there but so long as you give it a swirl before you finish it it's fine.

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