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Fat Loss

In order to look your best, most people want to be lean. Most people who contact our advisors for our free advice service (click here for free advice on your supplements), are looking to build more muscle, and lose a bit of fat. If your goals is losing fat, then the supplement below can help. Diet and exercise are the number one way to lose bodyfat, but adding in effective, proven supplements can help speed this up and help you get the most from your training. Get the body you want this year, with Bodybuilding Warehouse's fat loss supplements!

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Latest reviews for Fat Loss


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Walden Farms Peanut Spreads - 340g

Worst Taste Ever

Arrived this morning....the jar went in the bin straight away (full less a teaspoon). Whipeed peanut the taste. Simply a waste of money. I usually have no problem even with some horrible tastes. There is no food on earth I can't eat. Well this is definitely not food...I can't eat it at all. I'm sorry for the waste of money.

AD Shredabull - 90 Caps


Was sceptical when I first bought these a few months ago but these bad boys work, shifted about a stone of fat and haven't lost any strength or size, great product!

ALRI Exchange - 120 Caps

Excellent Product

This was incredible. My gains were amazing went from 17.5 inch on arms to 19.3 with just over a month an a Half training with this product thanks guys

Performance Diet Whey V2


I've really enjoyed this shake. It's a lovely flavour and leaves me feeling full.

Warrior Blaze Reborn Fat Burners - 90 Caps

Excellent Product

Continuing in the same vein as the other reviews, this is a great product! I basically have a ravenous appetite and it prevents me from getting as lean as I'd like to be. Warrior Blaze Reborn has made low carbing so much easier. You do have to work with Warrior, it's not just about popping the pill and the fat disappears but it definitely helps shift fat by appetite suppression and perhaps a little thermogenesis. I went off Warrior and the appetite and fat started to creep up a little so back on now and heading back where I was and want to be! :)