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Mass Gain Supplements

Mass gaining supplements or powders is often referred to as mass gainers or weight gainers. These supplements are designed to be loaded with high quality protein and carbohydrate, low in fat but dense in calories. When trying to "bulk up" and increase muscle mass it is essential that you consume a large amount of calories. This can prove to be very challenging to get a large amount of calories with diet alone. That is where mass gainers come in to play. There can provide you with a high calorie shake that your body will need when trying to add mass. Bodybuilding Warehouse performance mass is a superb weight gainer that we highly recommend. Give it a try today and see what one of the best mass gainer protein supplement can do for you.

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Latest reviews for Mass Gain Supplements


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Performance Mass V2

Good Product

Another excellent product and usual good service no bloating and mixes really well first batch of V2 I've had usually just the normal mass product.

Performance Mass V2

Good Product

Excellent Body Building Warehouse product cannot fault this product no bloating and mixes well.

Pure Peanut Butter

Like It

Great value 100% natural peanut butter so no complaints about the price. Pretty bland taste on it's own but that what I'd expect for something that's natural with no added sugar or stabilisers. Slap it on a slice of wholemeal toast or malt loaf and it's great! Well worth getting. Also with it being natural, it's quite sloppy, even with a damn good stir but I found that storing it in the fridge helps a lot.

Pure Peanut Butter


Good taste

Performance Mass V2

The Mass Continues

This time I bought three 1kg bags of different flavors just to have a bit of variety, the NEW Cinnamon Caramel Swirl is an amazing flavour!! Didn't think it would be at first but it is the other 2 not so adventurous strawberry and chocolate but the gains keep coming