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Men's Health

Whilst some supplements are suitable for both men and women, some are more suitable for men and are better at addressing their specific needs - for example Bodybuilding Warehouse Tribulus Terrestris. The supplements in this section have been hand picked by our trained team of experts, to be ideal for men looking to improve their health, wellness and athletic performance. If you're after sports supplements design for men, that'll help you reach your specific training goals, these are the ones for you!

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Latest reviews for Men's Health


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Pure Zinc Magnesium and Vitamin B6

Just What I Needed!

One week into using the Zinc, Mag, B6 blend and I am sleeping like a hibernating bear! I love it! Waking up feeling refreshed and recovered! Also, the vivid dreams I've been having (pretty typical with this blend) are awesome! Living in my very own action movie, haha!

Pure Peanut Butter


As an American living in the UK, good peanut butter is either hard to find or too expensive...not anymore! This natural peanut butter is about as good as it gets! Tastes great, priced affordably, massive 1kg tub...does it get better? I submit that it does not! Recommend eating this on toast as a sandwich with jam (traditional American snack) or with honey and bananas if you are trying to pack on size. Also great mixed with Nutella on toast! Buy more, eat more, get BIG!

Warrior Greens - 30 Servings


Best tasting greens I've tried. A bigger tub would be nice. I always get great results using greens

Warrior Reds / 30 Servings


I love this product. Lovely to drink

Pure Peanut Butter


Loved this, very 'more ish'. Found storing upside down, as suggested by another review, really helped. Would definatey re-order.