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Men's Health

Whilst some supplements are suitable for both men and women, some are more suitable for men and are better at addressing their specific needs - for example Bodybuilding Warehouse Tribulus Terrestris. The supplements in this section have been hand picked by our trained team of experts, to be ideal for men looking to improve their health, wellness and athletic performance. If you're after sports supplements design for men, that'll help you reach your specific training goals, these are the ones for you!

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Pure Peanut Butter

Great Value

This is the second tub that I have purchased from BBW and it is just the best value for money, compared with the little jars you can get from your local supermarket ! A great source of protein and essential oils ! great stuff. Just spread on a slice of bread or eat it directly out of the tub if peckish !

Please note: Individual results will vary

Pure D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)


After just three days using this I already feel an increased testosterone level,look forward to seeing the strength gains to come

Please note: Individual results will vary

Pure Peanut Butter

Top Quality Great Tasting Peanut Butter.

BodyBuildingWarehouse have nailed it with this peanut butter, the quality is superb, it has a great texture in both smooth and crunchy and awesome creamy bold flavour. I have tried other peanut butters from rival companies such as MyProte*n, Bulk*owders and Go *utrition, none of them are up to the same standard for overall flavour profile which means this will be my no 1 source for bulk peanut butter which is an awesome product for creating a clean caloric surplus in the off-season for adding lean body mass. I find 25 to 50 grams of this peanut butter mixes great with some double chocolate performance protein V2 and 500 ml whole milk and extra powdered oats all supplied by BBW to create a clean high calorie DIY weight gain shaker. BBW also produce some awesome protein pancakes which i have tried in lemon and choc orange topped with 25 grams of this peanut butter to provide extra crunch and flavour. So far me and my brother have gone through around 20 tubs of this peanut butter in both crunchy and smooth, we much prefer the smooth version for adding to shakes as it blends much easier and the chunky version as a spread or topping in some protein dessert/ pudding / porridge / pancakes / bread or ice-cream. I have also had a few tubs left from a bulk order that were 5 months past the best before that were perfectly fine, they had a little oil separation which was easily remedied by stirring it back in with a large dessert spoon. This alone provides that this is a very high quality product. I have also been using this on a Keto diet mixed with some coconut oil and whey protein to make a protein type sludge, peanut butter has a much nicer taste and is more economical to use than almond butter which is my main preference for its use. New customers this is an awesome top quality & top value product that will aid your progress in adding clean calories to your diet, it is a very versatile product that can be used for your cutting or bulking seasons as required. to get 5% OFF your order Use My Referral Code: 7456757

Please note: Individual results will vary

Pure D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

Average Supplement

This is a very cheap DAA, although I cannot really comment on the effectiveness of this supplement. I took it alongside the MACA and I didn't really feel any changes. I maintained my usual training routine but I didn't notice any strength gains, or the usual effects of using test boosters.

Please note: Individual results will vary

Performance Multi-Vitamin (1100mg)

Good Vitamin And Mineral Profile

Has pretty much all you need at a decent price. Would like if they included stuff like Saw Palmletto, of course that may mean targeting the product for men but I think that would be a step in the right direction.

Please note: Individual results will vary