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Mental Health

Bodybuilding Warehouse's mental health supplements are designed to help you perform better mentally. They may help improve memory, mental dexterity, mental performance and more. If you’re coming up to an exam, or period of intensive study, they can be useful. Check out our recommended supplements below and tell us how you get on with them on our facebook page – we love to talk to our customers!

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Pure Ginkgo Biloba (6000mg)

Mental Clarity

I came across this product whilst looking for an antioxidant, but I have found that ginkgo greatly boosts my mental sharpness. When taking this supplement I feel I have more mental clarity and improved memory!

Dorian Yates GHBlast - 280g

Excellent Sleeping Aid!

On my 3rd tub of the GHBlast and i must admit its definately one of the best supplement products ive bought to date, even the missus uses it. If your after a sleeping aid to help put you into a deeper sleeping and improve recovery then this is for you. Within 15mins i can feel my eyes getting heavier and then im gone. Dreams are weird and bizarre, often feeling real. I wake up feeling fresh from a great nights kip, and feel better recovered from training. Top product from a great range. Def recommend it!

Nutrex Hemo-Rage Black ULTRA Concentrate - 252g

Best Pre Workout

Best pre workout on the market. I took 1-2 scoops depending on what I was training about 20 minutes before the workout, felt stronger and my workouts seemed to fly by. Top top product

Nutrex Hemo-Rage Black ULTRA Concentrate - 252g


I've used hemo a few times now and found it fantastic. great focus, great pump. one of the best by far!

MusclePharm Bullet Proof - 40 Servings

Elephant Tranquillisers For Athletes

This stuff works great its like body-building warehouses own ZMA but is much stronger always use this stuff the night before a game and gets me to sleep instantly and feel great in the morning, A bit expensive but if your careful with your dosage then it works great. Would definitely recommend grape flavour mixes well and taste pretty good. ***** Stars