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MusclePharm Assault - 435g


Gave me a huge boost. Made me run further and faster and helped me to get the last two reps out that I usually want to quit on!

MusclePharm Assault - 435g

Bang On!

This is the first pre-workout product containing stims that ive used for a long time, why, cus most go through me! Really put me off using them again. Switched over to caffeine free Prime as soon as it was released and loved it. After trying MPs bullet proof with success, i decided to try Assault. So glad i did as its absolutely brill! Very well balanced, tastes great (raspberry lemondae), no crash and it doesnt make me sit on the loo longer than im at the gym! lol. Great product, great brand.

MusclePharm Bullet Proof - 40 Servings

Its A Knock Out!

Big fan of prebed aids, especially DY GHBlast, used many times in the past to help KO myself either when ive got alot of my mind or body temperature is high etc, and need a lighter sleeping aid rather than reaching for heavy sleeping tablets. Decided to try Bullet Proof after finishing my current DY tub. For one the brand, MusclePharm, is highly regarded, and for two theyre Bullet Proof was a whole £10 cheaper than Dorians, with the same amount of servings, 40x. Which, TBH i usually count as 80x as ive found with both products half a scoop if usually enough to do the job. Effects, 30mins from drinking and my eyes are heavy, 30 seconds from the lights going off and im gone! End up finding the missus shouting at me to roll over as my snoring becomes terrible. I even snore face down lol. With a full scoop, or half scoop, i find myself getting into a much deeper sleep, often waking up in the early hours feeling totally refreshed, before going back to sleep. Mornings, i must admit im not as dazed with the Bullet Proof as i am with the DY Blast, whether DYs is stronger or has something else in it making me alittle slow to get going im not sure yet, or could just depend on how shattered i am TBH. Taste, i bought the orange raspberry, and its ok, not keen TBH. Wish i went for the Grape now. DYs def tastes better, but is it worth paying an extra £10 for the pleasure? Overall a great prebed product that i'll carry on using. Though im unsure the missus will, she'll demand DYs next time as she loves the taste.

MusclePharm Bullet Proof - 40 Servings


Huge fan of DY GHBlast so decided to try Bullet Proof once i finished by DY tub. Found the effects exactly the same, 30mins from consuming and my eyes got heavier and heavier, then im gone. Deeper dreams and feel refreshed in the morning, tho with a full scoop of DYs i could sometimes feel alittle dazed. Half a scoop from both products would do the job nicely, and double the amount of servings. Only downside from Bullet Proof, im not keen on the flavour i bought, orange raspberry.

MusclePharm Assault V2 - 290g

Perfect Supp To Boost Your Gym Performance

I bought the raspberry lemonade flavour and found that it was Ok but not the best, but put the taste aside this is one of the best pre workouts I have tried, I didn't feel any itchiness from the beta analine, but that is probably just me but i definitely felt a massive energy blast which let me tear up the gym, but i did feel a bit of a crash after this so i recommend taking it for a evening workout so you can sleep after.