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Nitric Oxide Supplements

Nitric oxide supplements are designed to increase your "muscle pump" during a workout. They do this by dilating the blood vessels to allow more oxygen and nutrients to be carried, thus increasing endurance and recovery between sets, as well as improving muscle fullness to create a more muscular appearance.  Nitric Oxide supplements were first launched by BSN with BSN NO-Xplode. Some of the best selling sports supplements in this category include Gaspari SuperPump, BSN NO-Xplode, Warrior Rage and others. Each will increase your muscle pump, intensity and drive during the workout. Kick start gains today with nitric oxide!

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Performance Prime

Good Buzz

Not been using this long but it has given me a good buzz and made me more focused during workouts. Also has made it possible to lift heavier

Pure Creatine Nitrate

Must Buy

Been using for about a week but New I was onto a winner after the 1st time I used it. Pure Creatine Nitrate is a Must Buy for anyone looking to go that one step further. It gives that insane pump I've never Had. Veins were bustin out my Arms like never before. Love it

Pure Creatine Nitrate

Insane Muscle Pump

Been using Pure Creatine Nitrate for 1 week now. To Be Absolutely Honest I was sceptical as I didn't think 1g would be enough. How wrong I was. It says to take 30 mins before gym. Within about 20 mins of taking it the veins in my arms were popping out the skin. So once I started my workout I was bustin veins out that I never new I had. Totally smashed my PB on the Bench Press from 135kg to 140kg (been stuck at that for Ages) and my walking DB Lunges up from 37kg to 45kg. The only Downside is it's taste But mix it with some tri-carb or natural fruit juice and u don't notice it's there. I recommend this product to EVERYONE serious about taking there training to the next level. Thanks bodybuilding warehouse. Another great product. Graeme

Performance Prime

Not Worth It

I bought this based on all the great reviews. However, I find that it doesn't give me any kind of boost at all, and the Fruit Fusion flavour tastes just awful - I have to force it down. I'm aware that taste is very much a subjective thing but I really cannot see how anyone in their right mind could enjoy this flavour. The only pre-workout I've found to be effective is Warrior Rage so think I'll be sticking with that from now-on. Pity, as BBWs own products are usually really fantastic. BBW: Prime is a less stim based pre-workout and is based on effective ingredients for growth and recovery with a caffeine kick. Rage is a much more stim based pre-workout if you are looking for something that gives a strong kick for your workout :)

Performance Prime


Great product that is simply filled with the best ingredients available in optimal doses. Will definitely be purchasing again!