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Non-Dairy Proteins

Looking for non-dairy protein powders like 100% Pure Hemp Protein, 100% Pure Soy Protein, 100% Pure Egg Protein and more? You've found the best proteins in the UK! Manufactured in our State of the Art facility right here in the UK we guarantee the highest quality products at the best prices with exceptional customer service. Try our range today and get the best results from your training.

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Pure Hemp Protein 50

Excellent Quality

This is excellent quality hemp protien and the best price around. It does add a slightly nutty flavour to anything you add it to but mixes ok. I just drink it down in a glass of water. It's the ony protein to contain omega 3 (as well as 6 and 9), it's good for inflammation, reduces muscle soreness and contains every amino acid. I'm not a body builder. I have crohnes desease, I follow a vegetarian diet and hemp is something that I feel benefits my condition, along with l-glutamine and psyllium husk. With these 3 combined I no longer need medication and feel very healthy. Great product great price...try it!

Pure Soy Protein Isolate

Nice Alternative To Whey

A good addition when trying to diversify your protein sources, digests well and mixes well too. Its nice making your own additions for flavours, though some pre-made flavours in this would be good too. Overall a good addition to supplement choices.

Pure Soy Protein Isolate

Good Gains

I'm type 2 diabetic and find it hard to keep weight on. I can not use other products because of the sugar content. using this product I have put 7lbs on in 8 days ,40 mins weight training and 30 mins cardio.