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Non-Dairy Proteins

Looking for non-dairy protein powders like 100% Pure Hemp Protein, 100% Pure Soy Protein, 100% Pure Egg Protein and more? You've found the best proteins in the UK! Manufactured in our State of the Art facility right here in the UK we guarantee the highest quality products at the best prices with exceptional customer service. Try our range today and get the best results from your training.

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Pure Beef Protein Isolate 97


Taste like sh**t but price ang quality U cant beat that

Pure Beef Protein Isolate 97


Ok this product is most definitely an acquired taste, but the worcester sauce tip is a great one. most protein shakes are too sweet and sickly and give me the shits, even isolate so finally ive found a protein shake that doesnt and it beef. im genuinely well pleased with this product despite its 'natural' flavor lol

Pure Beef Protein Isolate 97


This is a superb product; however it is an acquired taste being a natural product when mixed it does froff up and taste well, very beefy. Just Man up and get it down your neck. Years ago I used to drink a raw egg mix sadly no more, so this product is no problem. No Sugars or Carbs alternative, some protein drinks are far too sweet. Add two drops of Worcester Source. For scrambled egg, Whisk two eggs with milk add 1 scoop of Beef isolate for scramble egg on toast very yummy.

Pure Hemp Protein 50


I've been taking it for almost a week and already notice changes, specially in my cravings for sweets which have reduced a lot. I mix my protein with Greek jogurt and with some honey to give it some flavour and eat it before bed time or after training. It replaces the dessert for me and keeps me full a long time. Very satisfied with a product, service and fast delivery!

Pure Soy Protein Isolate

Unsung Hero And Source Of Arginine

This is such a versatile product and it has a significant arginine content as well. Mixes so easily - for a quick night time fix spoon some into any yoghurt of your choice. It does have a nice hint of vanilla so a very small teaspoon of golden granulated sugar adds just that extra sweetness and crunch. If you want to extend the range of sources of your protein, this works well. And economical also. Once upon a time I used to get this from Holland and Barret but then their prices went up - a lot. I'm hoping this product stays this affordable!