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Non-Dairy Proteins

Looking for non-dairy protein powders like 100% Pure Hemp Protein, 100% Pure Soy Protein, 100% Pure Egg Protein and more? You've found the best proteins in the UK! Manufactured in our State of the Art facility right here in the UK we guarantee the highest quality products at the best prices with exceptional customer service. Try our range today and get the best results from your training.

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Pure Pea Protein Isolate

Good Vegan Protein

Tasted very nice, mixed easily without any lumps or bumps and I've seen good results since taking it. It's hard to find a decent vegan protein as so many of them taste nasty or are a rip off. This is the best value pea protein I've found online and I really look forward to it postworkout. I'm enjoying their cyclic dextrin too which is also vegan friendly and really nice intra-workout to keep you fueled. Great company.

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Pure Pea Protein Isolate


Good product, best price I could find.

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Pure Pea Protein Isolate

Very High Quality

I've had pulsin pea protein before and this is clearly a superior product. It still tasted like pea protein, which is always going to taste the same way, but pleasant and mixed extremely well. I also noticed I've been making better progress than on the pulsin so I expect this is of a higher grade (or else I'm just training harder lol!). The price was good, delivery came in 2 days so overall a good experience.

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Pure Hemp 50 Protein Powder

Nice Taste Like Any Other Soft Grain Powder. I Would Drink It Anytime.

Before ordering this from bodybuilding warehouse, I checked many other websites and reviews from people and what they commonly say is it tastes weird like eating wild plant. So I expected the taste would be not pleasant. But not at all!!! this is great. This hemp protein powder tastes natural and clean, also taste like any other grain powder I had as substitute meals but feels lighter and more pleasant. Even those substitute meal grain powders needed sugar but this doesn't. I can drink this everyday. It is easy to digest, (easier than pea protein). One scoop mixes in 200 ml water easily. The price is the cheapest here among all hemp protein powder products I have found so far.

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Pure Beef Protein Isolate 97

Great Stuff

Orders this a few time's and will definitely be ordering again - amazing with peanut butter and fruit

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