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Other Dairy Protein

Looking for slow release Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Concentrate or ultra-fast release PeptoPro? You can find them all here! Non-whey dairy proteins bring together the very best and highest quality non-whey dairy proteins in the world. PeptoPro makes a fantastic intra-workout or post-workout solution that has been shown to help speed up recovery between workouts. Milk Protein Concentrate and Casein have both been shown to be excellent pre-bed sources of nutrition with slow digesting protein that drip feeds your body essential muscle building amino acids over night. Get the best proteins in the UK right here at Bodybuilding Warehouse - 100% pure, ultra-premium quality and manufactured in house to deliver you the best prices, quality and service.

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Pure Casein


Great value and tastes great good bedtime protien

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Pure Egg White Powder

Good Product, Should Come In A Flavoured Option Though

Good quality protein, does the job. Doesn't mix well, tastes horrible. yet got some good gains using this. wish there were some flavours to choose from.

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Pure Casein


Caramel Biscuit flavour with some added cinnamon powder...amazing. Tastes just like cinnamon swirls! (maybe this could be a new flavour to order?)

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Pure Casein

Worth The Money

Champion stuff does the job great before bed with milk, 2 scoops of strawberry with a banana can't go wrong it's got a nice taste (sweet)

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Pure Casein

Millionaire’s Shortcake

Good slow release protein for bedtime recovery, however millionaire’s shortcake is a little too sweet for my taste. I cannot comment on the other flavours.

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