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Other Dairy Protein

Looking for slow release Micellar Casein, Milk Protein Concentrate or ultra-fast release PeptoPro? You can find them all here! Non-whey dairy proteins bring together the very best and highest quality non-whey dairy proteins in the world. PeptoPro makes a fantastic intra-workout or post-workout solution that has been shown to help speed up recovery between workouts. Milk Protein Concentrate and Casein have both been shown to be excellent pre-bed sources of nutrition with slow digesting protein that drip feeds your body essential muscle building amino acids over night. Get the best proteins in the UK right here at Bodybuilding Warehouse - 100% pure, ultra-premium quality and manufactured in house to deliver you the best prices, quality and service.

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Pure Casein

Quite Simply The Best Value, High Quality Casein You Can Buy.

I have tried the Strawberry flavour and just re-ordered and gone for the Millionaires Shortcake flavour or whatever it's called. I won't buy my Casein from anywhere else because this stuff is faultless. The Strawberry flavour was nice enough I just fancied a change. This stuff mixes better than others I've tried and looking at the ingredients on the back has a higher percentage of Casein and less sugar than most too. What more could you want? Again as with every home grown product I've tried from BBW I won't be buying from elsewhere now. Their whey, casein, protein bars, creatine etc are all the best value high quality products around. I've found my 'go to' online store for life now. Chuffed.

Pure Casein

Great Value

Great price for this quality Casein product, really helps recovery and conserves gains. For an overnight slow-release protein you can't get better value. Mixes well, drinks well. Not massively keen on the plain choc flavour, surprisingly, because I normally love all BBW flavours, so will try something else when I'm repeat buying...

Pure Casein

Millionare Shortcake

Awesome product.

Pure Casein


Too early to comment on the results, but the mix itself tastes amazing and has an awesome texture and mixability. I've tried a wide range of products and none have impressed me this much. Wicked value for money as well. Here's hoping I continue to see gains by swapping to this brand (was using ON before).

Pure Casein


Tried Chocolate Orange flavour. It's a little sweeter than I expected but tastes nice and mixes well.