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You're goal driven, determined, and dedicated to winning no matter how hard it is, or what it takes to get there! Our Performance range is for you! Built for Champions, the Performance range puts one aim above all else - winning! No matter what your sport, Performance is designed to help you get stronger, faster and better. Our Performance range combines the very latest in advanced supplementation know-how and technology to create a range of products that are unbeatable in their field. Our products are guaranteed to contain the very highest quality ingredients, manufactured 100% in house in our State of the Art 21,000sqft facility, and designed with an expert eye that'll make all the difference in your training. Are you ready to Win? The time is now, take your Performance to the next level!

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Performance CHARGE - 40 Servings

Great Product Especially For The Price

Tried both the Strawberry lime and tropical and the better of the two taste wise is probably the strawberry lime, smells exactly like starburst but they both taste ok and are easier to drink than most pre workouts. The product is effective, I normally take 2 scoops as I am quite tolerant to stims, gives a nice clean energy with no crash, would def recommend especially at the price. Bought the berry blitz to try next!

Performance Protein V2

Great Taste

Great product and taste, got 1kg pouch will be ordering another 4kg again. Got the banana product and tastes great. Defiantly recommend.

Performance Mass V2

Love This Product

Been using this product for about a year now and it's great. I've tried a few of the flavours but I'm hooked on the banana chocolate smoothie. Really great taste especially with milk.

Performance Protein V2


Have just returned to lifting after a 10 year layoff and chose Performance Protein as it offers great value for money and saves me having to buy creatine separately. First workout and first performance protein shake this morning (sweet strawberry) and I can honestly say it's the best mixing and tasting drink I've had since I first started supplementing in my teens over 25 years ago. Admittedly I cheated a little by mixing it in a blender but the consistency was so smooth that I chucked a banana in too. I have no doubt that it would mix just as well in a shaker (without the banana obviously). I'll report back in a few months or so to give my verdict on its benefits for me and my physique, but so far I'm very impressed and will continue to buy it.

Performance Diet Whey V2

Great Value

Great value, especially if you get the 4kg bag. I have tried the chocolate, vanilla, choc mint and caramel biscuit flavours. All of them were drinkable and mixed well. In my opinion the caramel biscuit flavour is the nicest tasting although it is pretty sweet so if that's not your thing then I'd avoid that flavour (along with vanilla).