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Post-Workout Supplements

After a workout your body is craving high protein and carbohydrate rich calories! Post-workout is also the best time to take a creatine supplement since absorption is much higher, and your body will utilise a greater percentage of the creatine. The postworkout 30 minute window is a time you can either use to kick-start recovery and muscle building, or miss out on and potentially go catabolic. In other words, your post-workout nutrition and supplement choice is possibly the most important one you make in terms of bodybuilding supplementation. After every workout we recommend you consume a shake that’s: 

- High in fast acting protein

- High in carbohydrates

- Low in fat (since fat can slow down digestion). 

Great examples of this are CNP Pro-Recover or Boditronics Profusion Reloaded. Stacking this shake with a creatine supplement like Bodybuilding Warehouse Creatine Gluconate can lead to further gains in muscularity and strength. If you're cutting or looking to lose bodyfat, a low carb post-workout shake like Bodybuilding Warehouse Whey IsoClear would also make a great choice as it's extremely fast acting, yet low in carbs and even lower in fat!

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Latest reviews for Post-Workout Supplements


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Pure Casein Hydrolysate (PeptoPro®)

Value For Money

Little dear but its worth the money. Very effective.

Performance Recover

Not The Easiest BBW Product To Mix

I've used countless BBW products, this tastes great and is effective. However mixing wise it is the worse BBW product. Loads of lumps after a lot of shaking.

Pure Beef Protein Isolate 97

Great Value Healthy Protein.

I wasnt sure about buying the Beef protein as I'd seen reviews saying how horrible it is etc, but I got it anyway, 66 servings of 30g protein, with no fat or carbs, for 25 quid?! This is now my new favourite protein :) There is nothing horrible about the taste, there just is no taste, which is fine, I've been mixing it with my warrior greens for abit more flavour, but its not an issue just downing it on its own. Considering whey protein, or any other lactose containing products give me spots, this beef protein is a god send. For the price, imo you can't beat it, so just buy it.

Pure Beef Protein Isolate 97

It's A Good Quality Product

I know this has an aquired taste but I mix it with a teaspoon of good coffee with one sweetner and leave it stand for 20mins and it's lush . it is horrible on its own so use this tip or I'd anyone can recommend any different ideas that would be a bonus

Performance Recover

Recover Brother!

I bought recover as after a hectic summer of not being able to train much, I decided it was time to get back into the game with a new regime, with less booze and less I'll go tomorrow. I usually go for the whey 80, but after having 6-8 weeks off training I had lost some mass, and knew getting back into training would be painful. I didn't want to get a Mass gainer as in the past I've found it plays havoc with my skin due to the ingredients (although I've never tried a BBW version). Anyway, I got strawberry, ad a break from chocolate. The taste of the product is spot on, no to sickly like the old diet whey strawberry BBW used to do. And I've found in the last few weeks my DOMS are less and don't last as long. However, the directions say use 3 scoops (75g), with 400ml. With being back on a diet etc, I was measuring out my scoops with digi scales and found that 3 scoops was more than 75g, only by half a scoop or so, it is 2.5 scoops with the one provided in my bag. As usual, top delivery and service from BBW