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Premium quality, premium taste, premium enjoyment! Do you love picking new supplements? Do you enjoy that first shake when you crack open a new pouch of a new flavour you've never tried before? Are you a fan of Protein Flapjacks, Protein Cookies, and other high protein healthy treats that make dieting one million percent easier coming into summer? If so, our Premium range is for you! Ultra-Premium ingredients, ultra-premium quality, and ultra-premium flavours symbiotically blended together to ensure you get not only exceptional results from your supplements - but enjoy taking them too! Try our delicious Premium Protein Pancakes for a low sugar, high protein breakfast, and why not stack it with our World First Premium Protein Coffee? That stack in itself, will show you all you need to know about our Premium range - that you can have your cake and eat it too! Quality, results, and enjoyment, all in the same fantastically morish supplements!

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Bodybuilding Warehouse Premium Protein Muffin x 6

The Muffin Man

I had the toffee flavor and they where great tasting and not to dry, would defiantly get them again.

Premium Protein Flapjack x 1 Bar

Honey Berry & Blueberry Yoghurt

I've tried many protein flapjacks and these are up there with the best of them. I really enjoyed the Blueberry Yoghurt flavour and could see myself buying a box when i run out of supplies. The Honey Berry wasn't as great unfortunately but try a sample and decide for yourself. Very filling and full of protein

Premium Protein Coffee

Quality Pre Or Intra Workout Kick.

I found this product to be a very helpful addition to the current powders i own. I purchased this with a view to simply adding protein to my most frequently consumed drink of the day, coffee. However i found when i tried to heat it up the powder started to separate, so i could only have it warm, not boiling. Having said this, it tastes fantastic cold and i often add it to my pre or intra workout drink when i am plateauing with my results or are simply not feeling up for a gym session as it provides me with a lovely uplift. Would definitely buy again.

Premium Mass


Great tasting product & a nice price aswel, goes really well with ice cold water and 2-3 Ice cubes shaken well! Wanted a few more types of protein in it but for overall price and quality and taste nothing to complain about. Great service on delivery as always, thanks BWharehouse.

Premium Protein Flapjacks x 24 Bars

Premium Protein Flapjacks

To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect. Ive bought so many protein bars in the past I got sick of them. I read the reviews, the majority raved about how good they were. Also, many favoured the chocolate pecan flavour. So I bought them. I'm still in 2 minds about it. They do taste good - not too sweet, very filling, not too expensive compared to some. So, in a round about way...the jury is still out