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Premium quality, premium taste, premium enjoyment! Do you love picking new supplements? Do you enjoy that first shake when you crack open a new pouch of a new flavour you've never tried before? Are you a fan of Protein Flapjacks, Protein Cookies, and other high protein healthy treats that make dieting one million percent easier coming into summer? If so, our Premium range is for you! Ultra-Premium ingredients, ultra-premium quality, and ultra-premium flavours symbiotically blended together to ensure you get not only exceptional results from your supplements - but enjoy taking them too! Try our delicious Premium Protein Pancakes for a low sugar, high protein breakfast, and why not stack it with our World First Premium Protein Coffee? That stack in itself, will show you all you need to know about our Premium range - that you can have your cake and eat it too! Quality, results, and enjoyment, all in the same fantastically morish supplements!

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2 x Premium Protein Flapjacks x 24 Bars (48 Bars in Total!)

Great Taste, Great Price, Great Nutrition.

I purchased the chocolate pecan and chocolate macaroon flavours. Both taste fantastic and they are of a decent size so you feel like your eating something substantial. Another plus is that they don't wear out your jaw like some other brands. All in all excellent quality with a decent amount of protein and carbs which aren't made up of lots of sugars and polyols.

24hr Stack - Premium Whey Probiotic and Premium Casein Probiotic

Covers All Grounds And Great Saving When Bought Together

The premium range of BBW is awesome. basically top brand quality products at over 20% cheaper. I know people say 'whey is whey' but you can tell the difference between this and their more bulk whey from the basic range. and the strawberry casein is delicious and extremely filling, perfect for when on a cut or just pre-bed.

Bodybuilding Warehouse Premium Casein Probiotic - 2.1kg

Great Addition To Prep

Used this during my contest prep. great night time feed. felt a real benefit from this product and at a competitive price.

2 x Premium Protein Flapjacks x 24 Bars (48 Bars in Total!)

Brillisnt Taste, Great Service!

Ordered last night and got my delivery this afternoon! The honey berry flapjacks taste great, perfect for an office snack or on the go.

Premium Protein Cookies x 12

We Have A Winner

This product is just a winner. Both flavours taste great! Best protein snack (big size) ever. I can't stop eating them! I don't know what to say more: filling, taste great, packed of prot, little carb, low fat..!!!!