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Pure Psyllium Husk

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Excellent source of 100% natural fibre. Aids digestion and feelings of satiety.

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Pure Psyllium Husk Capsules are ultra-premiums quality pure Psyllium Husk, packed into 500mg capsules making them easy to swallow and convenient to take. Psyllium Husk is a fantastic source of natural fibre, and aids in healthy digestion and weight loss.

Why take Pure Psyllium Husk?

  • The UK's highest quality Psyllium Husk
  • Convenient high dosage capsules
  • Great for improving digestive health
  • Aids feeling fuller, enhancing weight loss
  • Perfect for those on low carb or keto diets

What are Psyllium Husks?

Psyllium Husk is also known as ispaghula or isabgol, and come from the Plantago ovata, found in India and Pakistan. Psyllium Husk seed husk is an indigestible source of soluble, natural dietary fiber often used to relieve constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and diarrhea.

How does Psyllium Husk aid digestion?

Psyllium Husk helps keep you regular. It it NOT a laxative, however it does aid healthy, normal digestion through being a pure, natural source of fibre. Psyllium Husk swells up to 50 times it's initial size when added to liquid (e.g once it get's into your stomach). It is also a pure source of undigestable fibre, meaning once it's in your stomach, it'll swell up, break up, and help shift other food through your system ensuring gastrointestinal regularity. This makes Pure Psyllium Husk perfect for those on low-carb, or keto diets.

Why choose Pure Psyllium Husk?

We pride ourselves on manufacturing the highest quality upplements in the World. All our Pure supplements are manufactured 100% inhouse, in our own state of the art facility, using ingredients from audited, approved suppliers, and packaged in a protective environment. Excepptionally high quality, ensures you get the very best results from your supplements.

Nutrition Info

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size - 3 Capsules
Servings Per Contain - 66 (200 Cap Tub) / 166 (500 Cap Tub)

Nutritional Information Per Serving:
100% Pure Psyllium Husk - 500mg

Other Ingredients:
Gelatin Capsule

Suggested Use:
Take 3 capsules twice per day with water. Do no exceed stated dose.


Customer Reviews

Getting fibre into you has never been easier
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value

I've never been a fan of eating cardboard, which seems to be what most food that has good levels of fibre tastes like, with a couple of exceptions.

Having checked out the price of psyllium from all over the place and deciding that getting psyllium in powder form sounded like drinking wallpaper paste, I decided that capsules was the way to go.

the price on BBW was good and competitive and with 30% off deal that rolls around sometimes, who could argue with that!!

For the few days I have taken them I have noticed a difference in curbing appetite. Taking these with a protein shake and a glass of water for breakfast sorts me out until lunchtime. My wife is also starting to take them and she also, for once in her life, feels satisfied!

We are going to make these part of our daily routine.


Please note: Individual results will vary

Effective Digestive
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value

Having a high protein diet I often suffer from slower bowel movements, and to be frank I thought i'd give this a go, just to say it works wonders, no more discomfort, excellent supplement!


Please note: Individual results will vary