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Pure Raspberry Ketones (600mg)

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Great for fat loss due to the lipolysis effects of Raspberry Ketones.

Pure Raspberry Ketones (600mg) - 60 V-Caps

For years, we have been drawn to raspberries because of their vibrant colour and sweet, tangy taste! Now however, nutritionists are now learning that these fabulous fruits also contain ketones and believe that they are as healthy and beneficial to the body as they are delicious! Pure Raspberry Ketones are high-strength, exceptionally sourced 100% Pure Raspberry Ketones.

Key Points:

Highest Strength extract available
600mg of PURE Raspberry Ketone
100% PURE - don't buy cheap extracts or poor quality formulas

Raspberry Ketones have been added to many different food supplements and fat loss supplements in recent years. They are a natural extract from Raspberries, the fruit, and may be an effective tool for increasing the metabolism and promoting fat burning.

Scientific studies into Raspberry ketones have linked the product to an increase in lipolysis (the breaking down of fat cells). Thanks to this effect of the extract, it has become a popular supplement for anyone looking to reduce bodyfat and increase lean definition. In scientific trials, raspberry ketones increased the production of norepineprine, which increases body temperature and metabolic rate. Another effect of the supplement when it was examined in a study was that it reduced the body's ability to synthesise dietary fat.

Thanks to this double pronged attack on fat - both impeding the production of new fat cells in the body, and via increasing metabolic rate - raspberry ketones are being seen as one of the best hopes for anyone who wants to reduce their body fat levels.

Raspberry Ketones overall, are one of the safest forms of fat burning supplement available. Our Raspberry Ketones contain no stimulants, just 100% PURE Rasberry Ketones ideal as part of any fat loss stack.

Results using this product may vary from person to person.

Nutrition Info

Supplement Facts:
Serving Size - 2 Capsules
Servings Per Contain - 30 (60 Caps Total)

Nutritional Information Per Serving:
Raspberry Ketones - 1200mg (600mg Per Cap)

100% Pure Raspberry Ketone
(Capsule Shell = Whole vegetarian capsule,colourant titanium dioxide)

Manufactured in the UK under GMP standards.

Suggested Use:
Take 2 capsules daily with water, and before food (1 before breakfast, 1 before lunch). Do not exceed the recommended amount unless directed by a physician.


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a little expensive
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a little expensive, would normally buy the uncapped stuff and save a little money


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seem good
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  • Quality

Bought these for my partner and she seem happy with them. She said they give her a boost of energy too.


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excellent value for money
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  • Price

only just started taking these but feeling better


Please note: Individual results will vary

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