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PVL Supplements

PVL produces one of the largest, most calorie dense weight gainers on the market! Mutant Mass comes in a huge 6.8kg (15lb) bag and contains over 1,000 calories per serving! If you need to pack on the most mass in the shortest time possible, this is for you.  Check out our creatine section for other great natural supplements to pack on more muscle: Creatine Supplements. Mutant Mass (or any weight gainer) stacks well with a creatine supplement and natural test booster to make the biggest gains in muscle mass and strength as fast as possible. Are you ready to take your body to the next level?

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The Legend Stack


What can I say... It's LEGEND!!! Great value and it works, especially the pre workout supplement is awesome during my workout. Creakong is a monster!

PVL Mutant Mass - 6.8kg

Top Marks

This is a great weight gainer great tasting I would well recommend this product

PVL Mutant Mass - 6.8kg


2nd time buying now and not a bad word for this product great price great taste and easy to mix

PVL Mutant Mass - 6.8kg

Brilliant Product

This product 100% works! I am/was a hard gainer and have stacked on 3st in the last year and this product has definitely helped. If you want something that works and want high calories then buy! Have always had cookies and cream which tastes great. Will always recommend. 5 stars.

PVL Mutant Mass - 6.8kg

Beware Of Toilet Trips

This stuff works but beware you may need to be close to a toilet 24/7