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Quest Nutrition

Quest Protein Bars are some of the most popular in the UK and US, and Bodybuilding Warehouse have the best prices on them! Stock up today on these tasty bars and enjoy a high protein, low fat snack that helps you achieve your physique goals!

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Quest Protein Bars - 12 Bars

S'mores Flavour Is The Best So Far

I have tried a few different flavours now. Including cookies & cream, cinnamon swirl, peanut butter and jelly, and my newest addition s'mores flavour. The s'mores flavour is by far my favourite so far. It's less chewy than the others, and has nice little biscuit pieces and chunks of chocolate. My go to protein snack when in a rush or out. This flavour may actually be worth the slightly high price. Xx

Quest Protein Bars - 12 Bars

Quest Are The Best

Quest protein bars are probably the best out there currently due to the nutritional values alone, they use vitafiber / IMO which provides you with plenty of fiber with practically zero sugar so these bars are great for cutting diets and even fit into my IF KETO style diet. The bars provide you with 20g of protein from quality whey isolate and milk isolate there is no nasty hydrolyzed gelatin which is an inferior protein source which is used in some other rivals protein bars. The range of flavours is epic, there is something for everyone, out of the few i have tried Double Choc Chunk, Cookies and Cream and Cinnamon Roll are my favorites they all have a nice clean and sweet non sickly taste to them and make for a great protein treat. Tip to improve these and make them taste even better is to pop them in the microwave or heat them over boiling water to soften them and make them easier to eat.

Quest Protein Bars - 12 Bars

Cookies And Cream

Nice flavour with chunky pieces of cream. Bar a little powdery and sweet. Would buy again but try another flavour for a change. Calorie content ok.

Quest Protein Bars - 12 Bars

Lemon Pie

Another tasty offering from the Quest range, I'm not a huge fan of lemony tasting things in general, but after popping these in the micro for ten second I was left with a delicious sticky pudding. Worth a try if you're looking to widen your taste range!

Quest Protein Bars - 12 Bars

Choc Chip Cookie Dough

Mmmmmmm, these are delicious, and, when I fancy a change from BBW cookies I reach for these. My favourite is still double choc chunk, but these are a close second!