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Welcome to Bodybuilding Warehouse's supplement SALE section!

We've created some amazing deals on some awesome sports supplements for you to enjoy in our sale! From pre-workout formulas, to protein powders, mass gainers, test boosters, fat burners....whatever you need to help you reach your goals this year!  We have limited supplies of many items within this category so don't delay - if you see something you want, catch it fast before it goes! Some of these items are being discontinued so may not be available on the site ever again, especially at this discount price!

Remember, we offer free advice on all our supplements and can help you reach your bodybuilding goals - contact us today by clicking HERE to email our advisor directly, or ask us on our HUGE Facebook page (click here for Facebook) where you'll get not only our advice, but the advice of almost 30,000 other Bodybuilding Warehouse customers! 

In this category you will also find a selection of items that have been damaged in transit to us so we don't want to sell them at full price, even though all seals are intact and the products have not been contaminated in any way, or that we have reduced the prices considerably so enjoy the bargain hunt!

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SALE Pharma Freak Mass Freak - 5.45kg-Vanilla (DAMAGED)


Great product mixes well.Only fault is it is a bit sweet add a bit of chocolate milk shake mix takes some of the sweetness away.

Please note: Individual results will vary

Devil Dawg Nutrition - Genesis Short Dated May 2016

Great, But.

Purchased the 2.5kg tub when it was on offer. The product itself is great, good quality and worked well for me. My only complaint is the sweetness/sugariness of it. (strawberry flavour).

Please note: Individual results will vary

Nuts Our Whey

Great Taste, Healthy Easy Snack

Love this new product, used it on oat cakes, in with plain yohurt and on wholemeal toast. Snack or light lunch it is a tasty great nutritional treat. I had Banana Nut which is really good, and will try the other flavour next time too.

Please note: Individual results will vary

Premium Oats and Whey

Simply Awesome Idea To Sell This Mix

I buy this mix because I can make my own meal replacement shakes for a low price. If you also want to gain clean mass this product is for you because it contains complex carbs (Scottish oats) instead of sugars in weight gainers. In traditional weight gainers they 'mask' their sugar content as complex carbs using maltodextrin or dextrose which are in essence complex carbs but absorb quickly giving you a similar effect to eating pure glucose, hence making you gain fat! Trust me guys, I've been weight training for 17 years and this is a good buy for those looking for meal replacements and/or adding high quality lean mass.

Please note: Individual results will vary

ON Amino Energy - 270g (30 Servings)


Got this for my other half. Originally picked the apple flavour but it was out of stock so lovely customer service lady (Carly) helped me out with the Blue Raz. My other half takes this pre-workout/training, it helps with soreness from a healing injury and makes the workout easier. He trains in rugby and mma so does a lot of high intensity stuff. Top notch product and service!

Please note: Individual results will vary