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Bars and Snacks

Everyone loves a healthy, tasty treat and we pride ourselves on having the most advanced, tastiest and most enjoyable on the market! From our best selling Premium Protein Flapjacks, to Premium Protein Pancakes and revolutionary Premium Protein Coffee, you'll love the wide selection of great tasting, healthy, high protein treats we have on offer! Looking for the perfect healthy breakfast? Try our Premium Protein Pancakes and Premium Protein Coffee! A snack between meals? Premium Protein Flapjacks, Protein Cookies, Protein Muffins or Tasties! We've got snacking covered!

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Latest reviews for Bars and Snacks


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Total Reviews:5

Pure Peanut Butter


Great value, great quality. Cannot fault it

Premium Protein Flapjacks x 24 Bars


I'd describe these more as bars than flapjacks. Though I find the taste and consistency are fantastic and the fact they have only 2g sugar is fantastic when compared to some other products in the market. My personal favourite is Chocolate Macaroon. Lovely when put in the microwave for 10 seconds.

Pure Peanut Butter

Unbelievably Good

This is a staple in my lifestyle now. Cannot go without it. No additives, healthy fats, all-natural. What more could you want?

Premium Protein Pancakes


Seriously one of the best products on the market. Great value, quality, and taste. Would always recommend!

Premium Protein Pancakes

Long Awaited Piece Of Flavour To My Diet

I have trouble with eating healthy due to craving sweets and tasty things, got these to replace eggs for breakfast some days. I got cookies and cream, they taste lovely, and even better with a dash of peanut butter. Will certainly be buying again.