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Bars and Snacks

Everyone loves a healthy, tasty treat and we pride ourselves on having the most advanced, tastiest and most enjoyable on the market! From our best selling Premium Protein Flapjacks, to Premium Protein Pancakes and revolutionary Premium Protein Coffee, you'll love the wide selection of great tasting, healthy, high protein treats we have on offer! Looking for the perfect healthy breakfast? Try our Premium Protein Pancakes and Premium Protein Coffee! A snack between meals? Premium Protein Flapjacks, Protein Cookies, Protein Muffins or Tasties! We've got snacking covered!

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Premium Protein Mousse


This with chopped fruit is delicious!!

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Premium Protein Flapjacks x 24 Bars

Awesome Flapjacks

I cannot find better taste/price/nutritional value Protein flapjacks ANYWHERE. The standard price is brilliant so when they're on sale its impossible for me not to put an order in - I've probably got more than i can eat! Chocolate Macaroon - definitely fixes a chocolate craving Honey berry - nice, moist and sweet Blueberry yoghurt - my personal favourite. Very moist unlike most other flapjacks Toffee apple - second favourite, delicious. They were recently on sale with a short best before date (November). I bought them and more than half way through the month they still taste as fresh as ever. Highly recommended

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Pure VitaFiber Syrup - 750g


Brilliant ingredient for home bakers who are after a healthy way to make protein snacks and treats. I'm stocking up!

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Pure VitaFiber Syrup - 750g

Good Product, Good Price

Good product, good value, mixes very well for Whey for tasty bars.

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Pure VitaFiber Syrup - 750g


This tastes sooooo good! I've used some in my coffee, but mostly used it to make bars and protein cookies! With the cookies I followed a recipe online, used BBW's Whey and baked them for 5 minutes and it was even better than a normal unhealthy cookie, except of course this was good for me and kept me on track with my diet. I love it!

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