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Bars and Snacks

Everyone loves a healthy, tasty treat and we pride ourselves on having the most advanced, tastiest and most enjoyable on the market! From our best selling Premium Protein Flapjacks, to Premium Protein Pancakes and revolutionary Premium Protein Coffee, you'll love the wide selection of great tasting, healthy, high protein treats we have on offer! Looking for the perfect healthy breakfast? Try our Premium Protein Pancakes and Premium Protein Coffee! A snack between meals? Premium Protein Flapjacks, Protein Cookies, Protein Muffins or Tasties! We've got snacking covered!

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Pure Peanut Butter

Very Nice.

Takes abit of stirring when you first buy it but that beautiful oil just settles down after a few servings. I went for the smooth as i always get crunchy and wanted something to coat my chicken with without the nuts burning. Best tasting i have had too. Defo worth the purchase.

Pure Peanut Butter

Fantastic Product, Would Definitely Recommend!

This seems to be better nutritionally than most conventional spreads, I assume because of how natural it is. It's a great way to add some extra protein, healthy fats and calories to your diet. It's not the most rich tasting peanut butter ever and the crunchy one is very thick, but the fact it's so natural I think makes up for this. Don't buy store peanut butter, buy this! Per 100g it has higher protein, lower fats and lower calories than a conventional spread

Premium Protein Pancakes


I've never been into these Gimmicky proteins but thought I'd try these as a breakfast alternative. first time they weren't too bad but after day 3 they made me feel sick. not the greatest and doubt I'll ever get them again. BBWarehouse: We get great reviews on the pancakes and would be interested to hear which flavours you would like to see :)

Bodybuilding Warehouse Premium Protein Muffin x 6

Tasty Stuff!

Do you like protein? Do you like muffins? Do you want 6 x protein muffins?....Then this is the product for you.

Premium Protein Cookies x 12

Yum Yum Cookies In My Tum

These are great - I got the double chocolate flavour which are really nice and are even better warmed through a little bit to soften them up. They go great with a coffee. I'll definitely buy again.