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Bars and Snacks

Everyone loves a healthy, tasty treat and we pride ourselves on having the most advanced, tastiest and most enjoyable on the market! From our best selling Premium Protein Flapjacks, to Premium Protein Pancakes and revolutionary Premium Protein Coffee, you'll love the wide selection of great tasting, healthy, high protein treats we have on offer! Looking for the perfect healthy breakfast? Try our Premium Protein Pancakes and Premium Protein Coffee! A snack between meals? Premium Protein Flapjacks, Protein Cookies, Protein Muffins or Tasties! We've got snacking covered!

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Latest reviews for Bars and Snacks


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Premium Protein Flapjacks x 24 Bars

Love Them!

Brilliant, the hard part is only eating one at a time!

Premium Protein Pancakes

Awesome Quality Product, Tastes Great In All Variations

I have placed a few orders for BBW Premium Protein Pancakes and have tried the following so far: 1: Chocolate Strawberry 9.5/10 very nice authentic taste but could be slightly sweeter. 2: Lemon Zest 10/10 Easily one of the top flavours of this awesome product the flavour is bang on, not overpowering and just sweet enough to take the edge of the zesty lemon sharpness. This version mixes lovely in some low fat Greek yogurt. 3: White Choc Raspberry 10/10 this is another top end flavour that works very well, this tastes super nice when topped with some BBW smooth peanut butter for an awesome post workout treat. 4: Chocolate Orange 11/10 this one has to be the best of them all the balance in perfect for overall flavour profile and these mix very easy and cook awesome protein pan cakes, this is also a great strong choc orange like Terrys and works well when used in combination with some Greek Yogurt or Light Cream for a protein carb sludge dessert. These make for an awesome healthy alternative to regular pan cakes, they cook very easily compared to some other brands I have tried from other bulk protein suppliers. A* 10/10 a super awesome product made by BBW, I cannot wait to try the new range of flavours when I get back to my off-season bulk and start re-introducing carbohydrates into my diet. Keep up the great work with these awesome products. New customers this is an awesome well value product that will aid your progress in developing lean body mass and aid in recovery after hard workouts. to claim 5% OFF your 1st order Use My Referral Code: 7456757

Premium Protein Flapjacks x 24 Bars


Blueberry 100% - The only downside is the fact they taste so good I just want to eat the entire box in a very short space of time ;)

Premium Protein Flapjacks x 3 - 72 Bars!

Great Tasting Bars

These are great protein flapjacks, they're enjoyable and satisfying, so one will keep you going. My favourite flavour is blueberry yoghurt closely followed by the honey berry. Really great. I think I've eaten over 100 of these now so I feel qualified to leave this review.

Premium Protein Pancakes


Bought the Lemon Zest flavour yesterday and am completely blown away with it ! The consistency if great, it mixes really well and tastes fantastic !! Just take yourself back to when you were a kid and your mum made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, with a spoonful of sugar and squeeze of jif lemon.....Now I know you can almost taste it ! well get a bag and re-live your childhood! I may run out quite soon cos I can't stop eating them !!