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We love Superfoods, which is why each and every one of our products are fortified with them!

Our aim is to make it easy for people like you to live a healthy and active lifestyle (whilst making it taste good too). We launched in 2012 with one product – Super Protein Blueberry Smoothie (which we’re extremely proud of) and hope to develop and launch more superfood infused protein shakes and products in 2013 and beyond.

Knowing the importance of protein and seeing the general misconception that if you drink protein shakes, you’re going to get huge muscles, we sought to break the misconceptions and develop a range of delicious, low-fat protein shakes fortified with superfoods and sweetened naturally. All with the aim of helping you fuel your body to achieve your goals.

Our promises to you:

1. Our products will NEVER EVER be sweetened unnaturally (Aspartame, Sucralose etc.)
2. Our products will ALWAYS be fortified with antioxidant rich superfoods
3. We will put you first and try and help you achieve your goals in whatever way we can; through our products, our blog articles, on Twitter, Facebook and beyond.

We hope we can join you on your health and fitness journey!

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Superlife Super Protein - 454g

Best Tasted Protein I Had!

Is it fantastic protein, flavour is just amazing.Any different flavour in future?

Superlife Super Protein - 454g

Look No Further!!

Finally! the search for a great tasting AND effective protein shake is over! This product is amazing..Thank you!!

Superlife Super Protein - 454g

Loving It!

Love it, great taste and price can't wait for the next flavours ;)

Superlife Super Protein - 454g


Great taste, great content and finally something that doesn't look to "macho" BUT still packs a punch content wise...- love it!

Superlife Super Protein - 454g

Tastes Amazing!!

Just tasted my friends and its one of the best tasting protein shakes i've ever had! Getting some soon!