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Sports Fuel Multi-Vitamin Tablets

Good Price And Comprehensive In Coverage

I guess the real benefits of these won't be noticeable for several weeks but all the initial signs are good and they are definitely good value when bought on a money off offer. Will keep going with these as part of my routine.

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Warrior Reds Superfood Powder - 30 Servings

Excellent Product

So easy to mix, tastes great in shakes. Bit expensive so make sure you take full advantage when there's a promotion.

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Performance CHARGE Pre-Workout - 40 Servings

First Attempt At A Pre-workout - Now First Of Many!

Picked this up for a 50% discount just to try it out in place of my usual banana, and I'll stick to these from now on! Once you work it out per serving it's honestly cheaper anyway, and provides a HUGE boost to energy/stamina as well as stimulating muscle growth and recovery. Essentially, does what it says on the tin, for a good price! For those who've not yet taken the plunge, just be aware you'll likely need to 'empty your system' a short while into sinking a dose, but as you're best served by waiting 30-40 minutes before starting a workout anyway... what's the problem? Just don't be surprised! Definitely worth the asking price, another quality product from BBW!

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Mystery Sample Pack - 10 Supplement Samples in 1 Bag!

Great Idea

This is a great idea by BBW as it gives the chance to try products without buying a full tub and potentially wasting money. The one gripe I have is I bought 2 bags and 14 out of the 20 samples where protein powder with 10 of them being by 'Mutant'. It would have been better if there had have been a bit more variety of samples from the wide range of supplements available. Hopefully BBW are going to offer this as a permanent feature!

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Premium Protein Pancakes

Not Bad

I tried these originally a few months back (banana caramel flavour) and wasn't that impressed. I've just gave them a 2nd chance but this time I put a square of dark chocolate on whilst it was cooking, then it melts and you can cover the whole pancake. Not quite a crepe with Nutella but it does the job

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