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TANKED create the most powerful supplements of their kind. Weapon's grade ammunition, for an elite physique and outstanding results!
  • Simply Shredded Stack

    Simply Shredded Stack

    The Simply Shredded Stack is packed with fat burning supplements for those looking to get shredded!
    Earn £1.01 Protein Pounds
  • Tanked Strike Vcaps

    Tanked STRIKE

    Weapons Grade fat burner designed for the elite athlete - a sustained fat burning thermogenic powerhouse.
    Earn £0.25 Protein Pounds

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Latest reviews for TANKED


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Awesome Fat Burner

Bought this as part of the Simply Shredded Stack and from the first dose you can feel the effects. An amazing fat burner and if you can get it as part of a stack, even better. Great product.


Best Fat Burner

Great product, fat loss has been incredible on these!


TANKED My Lower Belly Fat!

I've always had trouble getting rid of that last bit of fat on the bottom of my stomach and TANKED did it. Over the moon!


Great Product

I'm fairly lean anyway, but thought I'd give TANKED a go after taking a break from training. I used it for 3 weeks, taking 4 caps split throughout the day alongside a clean diet and workouts 3 times a week. Ive got to say the energy preworkout from this is fantastic, and I've now got my 6 pack back so I'm very happy.


Great For Cutting

Used it before my last comp and helped me get in great condition.