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TANKED is the most powerful supplement of it's kind in the world - designed only for the most committed, hardcore bodybuilders who want to make insane gains in as little as 4 weeks, TANKED is designed to transform your body and make you bigger, stronger, and more massive than ever before. Are you ready to step up to the dark side? Get TANKED!

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TANKED Re-FORCE - Natural Test Booster - 60 Caps


Yes certainly do the job!! Took two at tea time as advised. Next morning got my gym head on grrrrrr!!!! Excellent

TANKED Re-FORCE - Natural Test Booster - 60 Caps

Good Product.

I've tried natural test boosters before, Novedex XT for example and reading about this product I thought i'd give it a try. To make sure I got the best results I could I started my cycle with a fresh stack of BBW Performance Protein and 100% Monohydrate Creatine. 2 to 3 shakes a day with a balance diet to make sure I got the most out of Re-Force. My strength went through the roof!! Bench, squat, shoulder press etc, great! But if im perfectly honest I didn't see an increase in my size. Nevertheless, a great product!

TANKED Re-FORCE - Natural Test Booster - 60 Caps


Excellent product

TANKED Re-FORCE - Natural Test Booster - 60 Caps

I Think This Product Actually Works!

I have been training for many years and have tried everything in the past, just finishing my second tub of Tanked and my training is going well and I am pleased with the results. I have increased my running to 4 miles a day 4 times a week as well as weight training 3 times a week but have still put on weight using Tanked which has surprised me considering the cardio work, I would certainly recommend you give it a ago. By the way no side effects so don't worry about what others are saying!!

TANKED Re-FORCE - Natural Test Booster - 60 Caps


Tried a lot of natural test boosters in the past and none of them have been as good as this - bench went up to 120kg during the cycle, squat went up nicely, and I'm seeing more gains than I did on Activate Xtreme or Grenade AT4.