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Universal Animal

The Animal supplements line is produced by Universal Nutrition. Universal are renown for making some of the highest quality, most effective and most trusted bodybuilding supplements in the world. They have been producing Animal Pak for over 20 years, and it's just as effective now as it was when Arnold was competing! Animal Pak is a high strength bodybuilding vitamin and mineral supplement, Animal Pump is a best selling nitric oxide supplement, Animal Omega is a perfectly designed essential fatty acid supplement. 

The whole Animal supplements range is designed so that it's easy to stack one product with another, creating the ultimate supplement stack! Try Animal Pak and Animal Omega for the ultimate health and vitality stack, or Animal Pump and Animal Stak for the ultimate mass stack! For a pre-workout boost, why not try Animal Pump or Animal Rage, both of which contrain creatine, stimulants and other leading supplements that help you perform better during your session.

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Universal Animal Pak - 44 Packs

A Staple In Any Lifters Regime

I'd always recommend this to anyone who is serious about their lifting. This is a must buy!!!

Universal Animal Pak - 44 Packs

Must Have !

For anyone who is serious about their training these are a must have, I started taking these about 2 years ago and only a short while after I noticed I started to feel really good, My eyes looked clearer, Skin felt better, Digestion was better thanks to the digestive enzymes, Just a fantastic product and can't recommend this enough. And as usual excellent service from BBW, Will continue to be a long term customer.

Animal Pak - 44 Packs + FREE T-Shirt


Fantastic service and product along with excellent customer service. Will definitly be using bodybuilding warehouse again 10/10

Animal Pak - 44 Packs + FREE T-Shirt

A Must Have!

Many say that animal pak is a waste of money and that you only need a standard multi vit but I disagree. I really rate animal pak highly. I love the fact its got everything in high does and that its simple. One pak a day, takes all the messing about with separate bottles out of the equation. I feel more motivated, more energy and a better well being while taking animal pak.

Universal Animal Nitro - 30 Packs

Great Post-workout

I'm not one for shakes - most taste too metallic or are too sweet. So Nitro is the perfect post-workout for me. One pack of 9 pills straight after a workout and I know I have all I need.