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USN Muscle Fuel MFA- 4kg

Great All In One

Great product for anyone looking to bulk. Great protein and carb content is ideal for gaining weight. great value for the amount and quality of this supplement. Used it once but know many people who use it on regular basis. happy from my own experience on it.

USN Muscle Fuel MFA- 4kg

Great Purchase

This was the first supplement product i purchased when i started training, worked so well and tasted great, could see results within 3 weeks, price isnt too bad considering its USN and value for money is pretty good. worth a try!

USN Muscle Fuel MFA- 4kg

My Favourite!

Ive used this several times... I shop around regularly and try other all in ones, but non ever come close to the results I get from this. Tastes and mixes great, doesn't bloat you out. I have more energy and lift more weight and gain more muscle using MFA than any other product Ive tried

USN Muscle Fuel MFA- 4kg

Great Results

Could be seen as quite pricey, but delivers all the pros you would expect from a lean gaining supplement

USN Muscle Fuel MFA- 4kg

Top All In One, Getting Pricey Though

Always had good results of this product however 4kg or £68 is now just too steep for me would rather buy bbw's all in one or reflex ots xtreme "Hi James thank you for the review. Here at Bodybuilding Warehouse we are very competitive with our prices. BBW Performance All-In-One complete is a very good product and is getting great reviews give it a try you will not be dissapointed"