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Walden Farms

Walden Farms range of calorie free sauces, dips, dressings and sauces - great taste without the guilt! Walden Farms products are calorie free, sugar free, carb free and fat free. All the taste, without skipping on your diet!

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Walden Farms Mayo - 340g


Another one to avoid from the Walden Farms range. I am sure they have good intentions but this is just awful. Terrible taste, texture. Just NO!

Walden Farms Peanut Spreads - 340g

Not Good At All

Make your own, it will taste better and be more nutritionally rewarding. Another disappointment in this range.

Walden Farms BBQ Sauces - 340g


No substitute for the real thing, horrible after taste like the other sauces in this range. Don't look for short cuts, just train harder and eat smart

Walden Farms Balsamic Vinaigrette - 355ml

Vinaigrete - Honest Review

I have always been honest with my reviews and will continue to be so. I ordered this with the excitement of having a zero calorie dressing option. There is a hint of the taste you hope for but then a most awful synthetic like after taste which makes it impossible to eat more. Not for me. I would recommend making a home-made dressing with fresh pomegranate juice, squeeze of lemon, pepper, salt, white wine vinegar. No beating the real thing.

Walden Farms BBQ Sauces - 340g

Bang On!

Very tasty, looking forward to spreading on my T-bone steak tonight!