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Walden Farms

Walden Farms range of calorie free sauces, dips, dressings and sauces - great taste without the guilt! Walden Farms products are calorie free, sugar free, carb free and fat free. All the taste, without skipping on your diet!

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Walden Farms Peanut Spreads - 340g

Worst Taste Ever

Arrived this morning....the jar went in the bin straight away (full less a teaspoon). Whipeed peanut the taste. Simply a waste of money. I usually have no problem even with some horrible tastes. There is no food on earth I can't eat. Well this is definitely not food...I can't eat it at all. I'm sorry for the waste of money.

Walden Farms Dip - 340g

Thought It Was Too Good To Be True

Fat Free & Calorie Free... Alarm bells should have rung. Nothing can be that good, unfortunately this is really really not good stuff. I opened it & there was an overwhelming smell of "play-do". I then tried it, & all I could taste was that "play-do" smell, & chemicals. Maybe I got a dodgey one, but if not I'm genuinely curious as to who thought people would enjoy this taste. Shame, this is the first thing I've bought from BBW which I've not enjoyed. That was the Marshmellow flavour by the way, may the others are better :)

Walden Farms Syrup - 340g

Great Taste

Works nice with my Caramel banana pancake mixture - loving it 8-)

Walden Farms Syrup - 340g

Waldenses A Farm Syrup

2 words...yum yum! Love the taste, texture...went down a treat when drizzled over my protein pancakes...

Walden Farms Peanut Spreads - 340g

Walden Farm Peanut Spread

I love the mousse like light texture. Tried it with the Banana Carmel protein pancakes....tasted like heaven. Then tried it on the chocolate orange flavour pancake mix...didn't work at all. Overall, good light tasty chocolate spread to help with my chocolate cravings ( esp during competition periods). Would definitely recommend.