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Weight Gain

Are you looking to pack on muscle mass? Our range of weight gainers and mass gainers are the best in the UK. Packed with powerful protein, lean carbs and formulated by experts, our mass gainers ensure you make lean gains without excess fat. Designed for true athletes, Performance Mass, Premium Mass, Premium Oats and Whey are designed to give you the results you want from a serious mass gainer. We guarantee the highest quality ingredients, sourced from exceptional suppliers and manufactured in house to ensure the best quality, and results on the market. If you're looking for the best mass gainers to pack on lean muscle, you've found them. Take your training and your body to the next level now!

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Performance Mass V2

Quality Product, Very Good Value

Took the plunge and ordered a 6kg bag, very pleasant tasting and a good consistency. I chose the banana chocolate smoothie which has a very nice banana aftertaste. Found it to be slightly chalky until I got the measures and amount of shaking required to my liking. Will definitely purchase again :-)

Performance Mass V2

5 Stars

The only mass gainer i buy.. I have a very fast metabolism so trying to gain weight can be hard, especially while doing cardio... But BBW mass gainer has helped me put on 2 stone in a year (naturally) which for me has been a major accomplishment as i have always struggled to put it on! On my 5-6th batch now and mixed with 'Creatine Gluconate ' i have had really good gains.. Helps me get those extra calories at the end of the day.. And unlike most mass gainers i dont spend half the night s**ting myself!! Haha! Highly recommend!

Performance Complete All-In-One

Does The Job!!

Doesnt taste as good as Version 1, however plenty of stuff put into this and mixes well with water as do all BBW proteins. 6 kg bag would be good!!

Premium Mass

Great Taste - Thumbs Up

Having become a bit bored with gainers. all in ones containing creatine i thought i would give this a go , tried a 1k trial bag of banana choc smoothie and after a couple of days reordered a 2k bag. Great taste as described it is not too thick a shake.

Performance Mass V2

Been Using For Months And You Can Tell

So for the longest time I've been using this product and the results are awesome, two big scoops, or more if you want to get BIGGER! this combined with your workout makes you a major player to the big guys!! I'd definitely recommend the strawberry flavor, and the new 6kg size is a lot more convenient as that 4kg bag doesn't last you