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Performance Mass V2

Great Taste

I got the strawberry and loved it. Mixes well. Great taste and packed with everything you need to make those gains!!

Performance Complete All-In-One


This stuff is awesome. Best protein I have ever used. Worth the money and good price too. Has most things you would need supplement wise. Although it doesnt taste as nice (although still nice) as the version 1, it mixes perfectly. I highly recommend this product to everyone at every level.

Premium Mass

Not Bad, Not Bad At All..

Just taken delivery of this a few days ago, chocolate flavour, have to say its not as nice as the older Chocolate Mass BBW did, that was possibly the nicest one I had ever come across but, its not bad, still a lot nicer than a couple of other cheapo competitors products to be honest, its a bit sweet and less heavy on the chocolate. As for the nutritional side of it - well just check the relevant tab and see for yourself, it does what it says on the tin as they say! Cracking price as well, all in all, decent product at a great price, cheers BBW!

Performance Mass V2


Tried the Strawberry Flavor, and the Chocolate Flavor Mass shake, so when I tried the Banana Chocolate Smoothie I was amazed by the flavor, tasted great, worked great and shacked great! Definitely one of my favorites

Premium Mass

Very Good Gainer.

Great profile, great taste/mixability (banana choc smoothie). Too early to comment on results but should be fine given the quality of ingredients and the fact I'm eating at a 400 calorie surplus. People need to realise that to gain weight = eat more!