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Weight Gain

Are you looking to pack on muscle mass? Our range of weight gainers and mass gainers are the best in the UK. Packed with powerful protein, lean carbs and formulated by experts, our mass gainers ensure you make lean gains without excess fat. Designed for true athletes, Performance Mass, Premium Mass, Premium Oats and Whey are designed to give you the results you want from a serious mass gainer. We guarantee the highest quality ingredients, sourced from exceptional suppliers and manufactured in house to ensure the best quality, and results on the market. If you're looking for the best mass gainers to pack on lean muscle, you've found them. Take your training and your body to the next level now!

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Performance Mass Gainer

Spot On!

Hits the spot, does the job and tastes good at the same time. Decent price too.

Please note: Individual results will vary

Performance Mass Gainer

Tastes Bad

Tastes like bad vegetables. I had the chocolate flavour but couldn't drink it due to the taste. BBWarehouse: Sorry to hear you don't like the flavour, we haven't had any recent reports on this. If you drop us an email with the batch number we can look into this for you :)

Please note: Individual results will vary

Performance Complete All-In-One Protein

Incredible Gains On This

I've been using this now for 2 months and made my best gains ever. Bench is up 30kg, squat is up 40kg and I'm leaner. It has everything you need to make great gains, nothing you don't, and the quality is phenomenal because you know it's made by Bodybuilding Warehouse. Just another awesome product by these guys - well worth the investment.

Please note: Individual results will vary

Performance Mass Gainer

Great Product Great Results !!!

I've used a variety of different products designed to put on mass ranging from a cheap one to the most expensive one and haven't had the results I was looking for then I found this and I tell you now it works !! 2 shakes a day and I'm packing on the pounds, you get a lot of servings compared to the other ones which you only get between 16-20 shakes. I mix this with bodybuilding warehouses peanut butter and it taste great the banana chocolate smoothie is the best for taste in my opinion

Please note: Individual results will vary

The Anabol-Mass Stack

Product Review

Works very effectively would definitely purchase this product again.

Please note: Individual results will vary