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Weight Gain

Are you looking to pack on muscle mass? Our range of weight gainers and mass gainers are the best in the UK. Packed with powerful protein, lean carbs and formulated by experts, our mass gainers ensure you make lean gains without excess fat. Designed for true athletes, Performance Mass, Premium Mass, Premium Oats and Whey are designed to give you the results you want from a serious mass gainer. We guarantee the highest quality ingredients, sourced from exceptional suppliers and manufactured in house to ensure the best quality, and results on the market. If you're looking for the best mass gainers to pack on lean muscle, you've found them. Take your training and your body to the next level now!

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Performance Mass Gainer

Just Ordered 3rd Bag

Ordered the banana chocolate smoothie and love it. just ordered another 6kg bag. definitely putting on the pounds the past few months but this is coupled with a good diet and gym regularly. dont use a supplement, more of a booster. great tasting and mixes really well.

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Pure Maltodextrin

Value For Money

Excellent products

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Performance Mass Gainer

Good Price

Good price for a 6kg bag and does the trick.

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Performance Mass Gainer

Excellent Product!

For the price and amount of protein per serving, I think this is an excellent product! After about a month and half of taking this product, I was able to gain about 3.5kg of mass. So anybody who is looking to put some size on, I would definitely recommend this product! However, just remember, taking this product without proper diet and nutrition coupled with proper training regimen will definitely make you fat so make sure you take that into account.

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Performance Mass Gainer


I thought I'd try this after using CNP ProMass (had good results) but thought I'd give this a go for the value. Product itself seems to be doing the trick, still early days. BUT, I have the vanilla and it tastes truly horrible! It tastes chemically sugary sweet. First sip isn't so bad but the more the worse it gets, and theres an awful aftertaste! Well priced, seems ok but definitely don't get vanilla!

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