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Weight Gain

Are you looking to pack on muscle mass? Our range of weight gainers and mass gainers are the best in the UK. Packed with powerful protein, lean carbs and formulated by experts, our mass gainers ensure you make lean gains without excess fat. Designed for true athletes, Performance Mass, Premium Mass, Premium Oats and Whey are designed to give you the results you want from a serious mass gainer. We guarantee the highest quality ingredients, sourced from exceptional suppliers and manufactured in house to ensure the best quality, and results on the market. If you're looking for the best mass gainers to pack on lean muscle, you've found them. Take your training and your body to the next level now!

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Performance Complete All-In-One

Good Alternate But Mixes Bad

Tastes great, the prices is brilliant for what you get, good nutrition stat's but this product does not mix well for me at all the Rich Vanilla fails to break up and ends up setting at the bottom of my Bodybuilding Warehouse Mixer (Awesome Mixer better than some big name mixers i've had) I have to shake every time I want a drink but apart from that for the money.......you can't go wrong with this stuff.

Performance Complete All-In-One

Great For All Uses

This shake mixed very well - went down pretty smooth for the carb content. Good mix of additional supplements make this a great shake to drink all year round. Tasty and not too expensive for everything that's in it - will be buying this again

Performance Mass V2

Very Tasty!

Had the strawberry and was very surprised by how well it mixed and how tasty it was (with milk anyway) A little thicker than your standard shake but not that much for the amount put in! Great amount of carbs Only downside is the massive servings - would need to be buying very large amounts at once

Performance Mass V2

Good Stuff

So Mass V2 has been pretty good for me so far. Pretty good gains, probably would be better if I was more dedicated to eating all the time haha. Mixes well if you shake it enough, otherwise you'll be left with a grainy bit at the bottom. Choc Mint was fairly good, mint could be a little stronger though. Cinnamon Caramel Swirl was great at the start, got a bit bored of it by the end of the bag. Banana Chocolate Smoothie has the best after taste. More proteins should be banana flavoured. The chocolate side is a let down though, never tastes like chocolate does it! Chocolate Honeycomb was a heart breaker, I opened the bag and it smelt amazing. As soon as it was mixed it changed, honeycomb was barely there, just the same old chocolate. All drinkable though, so get it down yer neck!

Performance Mass V2


5* product!! Been using for almost 2 years now after being recommended it, have put on 2.5 stone with this & some serious training. Would recommend the strawberry & chocolate flavors. Can't go wrong with some simple flavors & they taste great not to mention.