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Weight Gain

Are you looking to pack on muscle mass? Our range of weight gainers and mass gainers are the best in the UK. Packed with powerful protein, lean carbs and formulated by experts, our mass gainers ensure you make lean gains without excess fat. Designed for true athletes, Performance Mass, Premium Mass, Premium Oats and Whey are designed to give you the results you want from a serious mass gainer. We guarantee the highest quality ingredients, sourced from exceptional suppliers and manufactured in house to ensure the best quality, and results on the market. If you're looking for the best mass gainers to pack on lean muscle, you've found them. Take your training and your body to the next level now!
  • Premium Mass

    Premium Mass

    Ultra-Premium mass gainer designed for lean weight gain using Pure Whey, Micellar Casein and Egg White Protein.
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  • Premium Oats and Whey

    Premium Oats and Whey

    The ultimate all natural meal replacement - a healthy and tasty way to grab breakfast or snacks on the go!
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  • Pure Dextrose

    Pure Dextrose

    Insulin spiking supplement - get energy fast, repair muscle!
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Performance Mass V2

Love It

Ive ordered this product numerous times now, I love it. It tastes great, mixes well, is stuffed with loads of what you need and I have seen good gains. Cannot fault it.

Premium Mass

Great Quality But Doesn't Last Long

You are advised to use 3 shovel sized scoops so this product does not last long. Mind it tastes and mixes great

Performance Mass V2

Good Product

Great product for bulking, tastes good and has a good consistency when mixed with water.

Performance Mass V2

Tastes Good, But...

Mixes well, tastes good and valur for money is great. however, the texture is quite dry when mixed. smooth but dry.

Pure Dextrose

Can't Go Wrong, Does The Job At A Great Price.

When it comes to Pre-workout carbs, dextrose hits the nail on the head. Fast acting, very little bloat and a noticeable improvement in recovery when adding this to a post workout shake. There are better options there such as Vitargo and HBCD but for value for money this is the winner