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Whey Protein and Protein Powders

Whey protein, other types of protein powder and protein shakes are widely regarded as the single most important bodybuilding supplement for gaining muscle mass, boosting athletic performance, improving muscle tone and increasing overall health. Most people do not consume enough protein in their daily diet and protein powder can be used to add additional protein to your diet easily and conveniently!

Whey protein is the most popular form of protein powder. It is highly bio-available, low in fat and carbohydrates, and digests relatively rapidly.  Bodybuilding Warehouse Premium Whey is a great choice and makes it an ideal post-workout shake when fast sources of protein are needed.  However if you're using protein powder before bed or between meals, you may want to consider selecting a good quality protein blend like Bodybuilding Warehouse Performance Protein or micellar casein. Bodybuilding Warehouse Premium Casein is the UK's best quality, best value miceller casein and is ideal for those looking for an anti-catabolic protein that will slowly drip feed their muscles over an 8 hour period. For a low fat post workout option Whey IsoClear (our fruity whey isolate) is an excellent choice.

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Latest reviews for Whey Protein and Protein Powders


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Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80

So Many Flavours, So Little Time!

Definitely my poison of choice when it comes to protein powder. Its immensely good value, effective and easy mixing. The flavours to look out for are Kieren's chocolate orange & strawberrys and creme. I mix with CLA to add a fat burning kick to it as well.

Performance Protein V2

Amazing, Complete Protein...

...I must say, I bought the Choc Peanut Caramel. The taste was peculiar, strange even. It is VERY sweet, you can taste chocolate and peanut, also there is a hint of caramel. So thats good. Just have to get used to the flavour, which I now have. I find sometimes when it repeats on you it tastes almost vinegary... Chew gum if thia happens to you. Please do not let me put you off. This protein is brilliant. It is the most complete I have ever used, I feel it is working well for me too. I train Kickboxing and MMA. If you train hard, and want to supplement right, this is THE best protein money can buy in my opinion. Quality, Value and Price are all 5* for a reason. Just choose your flavour carefully. They are good quality flavours so there is a great range just be sure its for you. I bought 4kg and I am a happy customer in all honesty, I hope everyone is.

Performance Recover


First of all, this stuff tastes amazing! I got the strawberry 4kg and I will definitely be buying again. Everything I need in a shake is here and anything I want to add, is possible due to it having great mixability. I use this mainly for my mornings as it is so light and easy to drink.

Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80

Pure Whey Protein Concentrate 80

I usually buy the banana peanut. Butter flavour, BBW were out of stock, so I chose the chocolate hazelnut...oh my gosh! Never looking back. It's delicious. Not as sickly sweet, it's just right. Will defo order again

Bodybuilding Warehouse Premium Casein Probiotic - 2.1kg

Highly Recommended

This is one of the better Caseins that I have tried. It mixes well with water (and is not as thick as some other caseins on the market), it tastes really good (I got the strawberry flavour) and it’s also reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend this product and that you take this every night before going to bed.