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Women's Health

Women often have very different supplement needs to men. Whilst men will often want to build muscle, and burn fat, women usually just want to create a lean and toned body by reducing fat and having a moderate amount of toned muscle. Most women don't want to add any "bulk", but do want to look beautiful and attractive when wearing form fitting outfits, or that new bikini on a summer break! The selection of sports supplements below have been hand picked by the women in our team, to help you achieve your goals. They're supplements that the women in our office have often used themselves, and can recommend from experience. If you're looking to find natural ways to lose weight, tone up, and improve your feelings of health and wellness, you've come to the right section!

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Pure Peanut Butter

Great Product

Really great tasting peanut butter, and tastes all the better knowing it's completely natural.

Pure Peanut Butter


Just like the Meridian PB. Store it upside down so that you don't have a layer of oil when you open it. Price could be slightly more competitive.

Warrior Princess Blaze - 60 Caps

Good Product

Used this product before and with good healthy eating and gym work saw good results

Pure Peanut Butter

Great Value

Started using this in my breakfast smoothie! Love it! My 2 year old wants to eat spoonfuls of it. Fantastic value for money, never ordered anything I haven't been happy with !

Pure Detox Stack

Great Value

Definitely great value more for your money and it definitely gives me more energy through the day, helps me push my self further.