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Women's Health

Women often have very different supplement needs to men. Whilst men will often want to build muscle, and burn fat, women usually just want to create a lean and toned body by reducing fat and having a moderate amount of toned muscle. Most women don't want to add any "bulk", but do want to look beautiful and attractive when wearing form fitting outfits, or that new bikini on a summer break! The selection of sports supplements below have been hand picked by the women in our team, to help you achieve your goals. They're supplements that the women in our office have often used themselves, and can recommend from experience. If you're looking to find natural ways to lose weight, tone up, and improve your feelings of health and wellness, you've come to the right section!

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Pharma Freak Ripped Freak - 60 Caps

It Is Very Expensive

It is a very expensive product and I haven't got any results yet! I just really hope it will works!

Warrior Reds / 30 Servings

Good Product

Been using it a week now and already feel better in myself, got to say it tastes awful but taste isn't that important to me. Another quality Warrior product.

Warrior Detox Stack

Feeling The Difference

Got tempted to try this on offer, been using it for few days now. Feel good in myself. Taste is nice so easy to consume is a plus to take greens and reds

Pure Peanut Butter

Like It

Great value 100% natural peanut butter so no complaints about the price. Pretty bland taste on it's own but that what I'd expect for something that's natural with no added sugar or stabilisers. Slap it on a slice of wholemeal toast or malt loaf and it's great! Well worth getting. Also with it being natural, it's quite sloppy, even with a damn good stir but I found that storing it in the fridge helps a lot.

Pure Peanut Butter


Good taste