30 Day Fat Detonation Stack

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30 Day Fat Detonation Stack
30 Day Fat Detonation Stack

In stock



    We may almost be through Summer, but it's never too late to get shredded! We know for many of our customers, being shredded is a way of life, not a once yearly event. You want to look fantastic all year round - tight abs, sick shoulders, the full aesthetic package! 

    Our in-house experts have put together a specially designed stack engineered to help you get cut. This included:

    • Performance Diet Whey - 1kg
    • Warrior Blaze - 90 Caps
    • Pure CLA - 60 Caps
    • Pure iBCAA 2:1:1 - 250g
    • BBW 700ml Blender Ball Shaker

    Why these supplements?

    Performance Diet Whey

    Performance Diet Whey is more than just protein - it's ultra-lean, but also packed with Glutamine Peptides, Conjugated Linoic Acid, Acai Berry, Green Tea and more. All well researched to support your body goals.

    Warrior Blaze - 90 Caps

    Need we say more? When it was released it crushed the competition - and it still does today. One of the UK's best selling weight management tools with a legion of fans and advocates. It's popular for a reason - it works! 

    Pure CLA - 60 Caps

    Pure Conjugated Linoic Acid is research proven, so not only are you getting it in your shake we've also added even more via our top of the line Pure CLA Softgels. Fantastic quality and manufactured right here in the UK. CLA is research proven, and a staple in the diet of many ultra-lean instagram & social media stars. We've added it to this stack because it works, and will suit your goals well.

    Pure iBCAA 2:1:1 - 250g

    Branch Chain Amino Acids are the most powerful of all the amino acids. Typically drunk intra-workout to help maintain muscle whilst on a low calorie diet, it's this reason why we've included them here. Try working out whilst sipping BCAA's intaworkout for a month, and you'll never go back to training out without them.

    BBW 700ml BPA Free Shaker

    A great shaker to help you blend up your protein, and your iBCAAs!

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