A Guide to Post Cycle Therapy

By Ollie Matthews

This is one of the most important things you can look into when running either a cycle of AAS or a pro hormone cycle if you are serious about keeping those hard earned gains that you have made throughout your cycle and make it all worthwhile, it is all about restarting your bodies natural hormonal systems and so many people have the mindset that PCT is a bad thing and hate the thought of this however if done correctly this can make or break a cycle and set you up perfectly for your next visit to the hormone world.

When you are on cycle and you take certain items that boost hormone levels artificially the body recognises this and can shut down its natural production of these hormones for example testosterone and when you stop the cycle the body takes a while to recognise the artificial levels have stopped and the need to start its own, it will eventually do this however it can take weeks and even months in order to get this going again, all the time the muscle mass you have gained will be wasting away which is not something we would want so we need to look at kick starting the body as quickly as possible getting the normal androgen levels back up and balance these catabolic effects of the corticosteroids effective in the body by restoring the bodies endogenous testosterone productions real quick.

Some people use and have opinions on various different processes in order to get this under way and perform PCT, some people resort to using a full on HCG cycle alongside Clomid and Nolvadex, some will look to over the counter PCT items to aid recovery and boost natural testosterone levels. I would personally suggest if you can afford it adding all the items into one massive stack would be optimal, utilising the nolva clomid HCg all to full effect, and then adding natural boosters such as Bulbine, DAA, and Tribulus which can all be found at the Bodybuilding Warehouse website.

One cycle that I have seen used very effectively following a high amount of artificial hormone usage which was developed by the doctors at the Program for Wellnes Restoration (PoWER) and claims have been made the doctors using this have treated more than 100 cases to great effect is:

HCG 2500iu every other day

Clomid 50mg Twice per day for 30 days

Nolvadex 20mg per day for 45 days

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