All you need to know about All-in-One-Supplements

All-in-One Supplements - An Introduction

All in one supplements are a great ‘one stop’ solution to your supplement needs when all you want is to have something which gives you everything you need in one protein shake. There are many top quality all in one supplements on the market which are able to deliver some tremendous results when combined with a great nutritional plan at the same time.

Benefits to all in ones

Obviously one of the greatest benefits to using a first class all in one is that you can get all of the supplement power you need from just one supplement. This seriously decreases the time and effort required to ensure you are taking all of the supplements you have highlighted as being necessary for your goals and direction. Then you get the benefits of the protein content, meaning that you cut down the amount of food you need to consume on a daily basis in order to sustain your muscle size. Furthermore, by maintaining a high protein diet your blood sugar levels remain steady which in turn maximises your ability to burn body fat as well as enables you to utilize the anabolic properties of insulin. Most good all in ones will also contain Creatine, which is of course an exceptional supplement in itself. The benefit of Creatine is that your muscle cell becomes saturated with Creatine therefore you are able to produce more ATPs which in turn leads to enhanced anaerobic endurance and improved strength. Another huge benefit of Creatine is that it acts like a sponge in the muscle, drawing water into the muscle cell. This is very beneficial because the water helps transport vital macronutrients into the muscle cell leading to a greater rate of nutrient absorption and it also acts as a volumising agent as well giving you a bigger and fuller look. All in ones also generally contain L-Glutamine which is a fantastic amino acid. It is best known for its ability to promote the recovery of muscles within the body by promoting the transport of nutrients into the muscle cell. All of these benefits make an all in one supplement very tempting for the serious athlete or recreational trainer, who needs that ‘fix’ to maintain their active lifestyle.

Key ingredients in all in one supplements

All in one supplements will contain a top quality source of protein such as whey protein concentrate or isolate. This is so important in order to deliver to you a source of nutrients which will support repair and grow lean muscle mass. To add to this, Creatine is also a very popular ingredient for its ability to improve energy, endurance and strength levels in the gym as well as give a full look. Finally, L-Glutamine is always very popular due to its great ability for promoting muscle repair even after the most strenuous of workouts.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that all in one formulas are for those who simply want the benefit of all of the market leading supplements all in one shake. These supplements are absolutely ideal for an athlete who doesn’t have a lot of time, who is extremely active and requires functional gains from his or her supplement.

A good all in one supplements to look for is:

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