The debate behind if a high protein diet is good for you has been yo-yoing for the last few years. Many claim eating more than the RDA is pointless, even though it's based on positive nitrogen balance for the average person. The difference is, many people who train do break down muscle, put stress across the body and thus need more nutrients and protein to grow and recover. This is where bodybuilding supplements can help get the extra nutrients in a convenient way.

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The second problem is that many elite bodybuilders claim they eat over 500g of protein day. The mainstream media get hold of such recommendations and blast that a high protein diet is bad for you. As you can see, 50g vs 500g is very extreme.

Our definition of a high protein diet sits around 1-1.5g of protein per pound of body weight. Several studies also indicate that the leucine content of your protein source is mainly responsible for maximising protein synthesis. A study done by Dr Layne Norton states that each meal would require roughly 3g of leucine to maximise protein synthesis (Study here). Furthermore, different types of protein foods have different leucine content. If dieting it's important to pick the foods with a higher leucine content to optimise protein synthesis and making the most of your caloric intake.

High protein diets are also been proven effective in performance sports like rugby training, football, NFL, tennis and more. Better recovery, improved muscle growth and a stronger overall body.

If you were 150 pounds in weight as a person who trains frequently, this would mean you should eat around 150g of protein to begin with. Trial and error is your friend and you need to make sure you macro-nutrient split favours your goals. For cutting, a diet higher in protein and more towards the 1.5g per pound of bodyweight would/could be better as a high protein diet has the advantage of burning more calories (see infographic below).

The debate will never end but we worked hard and have made this infographic pointing out all the health benefits of a high protein diet. We hope you enjoy it and please comment below on your favorite benefit!

Health benefits of a high protein diet

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