All you need to know about Caffeine

Caffeine - An Introduction

Caffeine is a naturally occurring stimulant, which you get in drinks such as coffee and tea as well as certain energy drinks. Due to its stimulating effects caffeine is able to have a significant effect on your energy levels, which makes it a very popular supplement to use for the serious athlete looking to enjoy enhanced energy and endurance levels. To add to this caffeine can in fact have a positive effect on strength levels as well as promoting fat loss, when taken in the right doses.

Benefits of supplementing caffeine

The first major benefit for any athlete taking caffeine is that they will indeed experience a significant increase in energy and endurance levels in and out of the gym. Caffeine is able to deliver such a result because it has a very similar molecular structure to that of ATP. ATP is produced by creatine, which provides your muscles with energy during anaerobic exercise. Due to the fact that caffeine has a very similar structure to that of ATP it can trick your body into breaking it down, disguising itself as ATP which means that caffeine is able to prolong your ATP stores. This in turn leads to greater energy and endurance levels whilst lifting weights in the gym. It will also have a very positive effect on your strength levels by preventing the breakdown of your ATP stores so quickly. As a result you will be able to benefit from lifting heavier weights for more repetitions. This will stimulate significant gains in lean muscle mass as well as enhance your overall shape of your physique. Caffeine isn’t only useful for boosting your strength, energy and endurance levels though; it also has primary thermogenic properties. As a supreme thermogenic aid Caffeine is able to promote fat loss like never before. This is achieved by increasing the core body temperature ever so slightly which means that your basal metabolic rate will instantly increase, meaning that your body will require more calories in order to maintain your current body weight. However if your diet remains clean and you eat just under your new basal metabolic rate you will indeed shed layers of body fat and in turn carve out those lines throughout your physique. To add to this, caffeine also speeds up your metabolism, which means that your body is able to burn more calories before doing any exercise, which also leads to additional fat loss. There you then have the two very key benefits to supplementing caffeine as an athlete.

Who should supplement Caffeine?

Caffeine is absolutely perfect for anyone looking to improve their energy, endurance and strength levels in the gym in order to gain lean muscle mass. Caffeine is fantastic because whilst it promotes additional strength and endurance it also enables you to shed body fat. As a result you will end up with a thicker and fuller looking physique with much more definition than before. Therefore caffeine is the perfect supplement for any athlete, in particular for those looking for that ‘beach body’ look.


In conclusion it is easy to see that Caffeine is the perfect supplement for any athlete. Who doesn’t want improved strength, endurance, energy as well as fat loss? Caffeine is also a very safe supplement to use, which is great because a lot of stimulant supplements do have adverse side effects. Just be sure not to take Caffeine close to bedtime or too much as you will have a poor sleeping pattern which will severly hamper your gains!

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By Kieran Fisher

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