Calf Blasting Exercise Routine

By Ollie Matthews

Struggling with a calf routine to put on some size onto those lower legs? Here is a routine which is something I came across and has been known to give just as much growth as it does pain!

Standing Calf Machine – Set machine to a weight that you can do 15 full repetitions very slow with full contractions and full stretches.

Immediately after the 15 reps one leg at a time and shake the calf muscle, really get the muscle infused with blood shake each leg a few times then again.

Back to the Standing Calf machine, take the weight on one leg and perform single leg negative repetitions very slow and deliberate around 10 reps more than likely each leg on the first set will be about what you will get.

Once again shake each leg a few times get that blood in there and straight onto the third part.

This part will look like cheat reps but we are going to drive up exploding and performing very fast short reps. Don't worry about the full stretch on each rep, just explode onto the toes making sure that the calf muscles fully contract at the peak of the rep, do your best to take off from your heels - fight that burn!

Stretch each calf loads whilst resting and repeat 3 times the 2nd and 3rd rotation complete a second round of negatives after the explosive pulse reps.

This should get those stubborn calves stimulated for growth!

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