USN Anabolic Creatine All-In-One - 1.8kg

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Creatine powder supplement with added carbohydrates.

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USN Anabolic Creatine All-In-One - 1.8kg

A creatine supplement with added carbohydrates from Waxy Maize.

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Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Info (Per 100g/Per 300g Serving - 6 Scoops):

Energy (kJ): 1717 / 5151
Energy (kcal): 409 / 1226
Protein (g): 17.7 / 53
Fat (g): 8 / 24
Of Which Saturates (g): 5 / 15
Carbohydrates (g): 65 / 195
Of Which Sugars (g): 17.2 / 51.6
Fibre (g): 1.9 / 5.7
Salt (g): 0.148 / 0.444


Agglomerated maltodextrin, HPLC 99.9% Creatine Monohydrate, Waxed Maize Starch, Calcium-ß-Hydroxy ß-methylbutyric acid (HMB), Glycine, Citric acid, L-Glutamine, Taurine, Magnesium lactate, Mono-potassium phosphate, Di-potassium phosphate, Ascorbic acid, Flavourant: Colour (Orange flavour: Beta-carotene, Tropical flavour: E133, E104), R-Alpha-lipoic acid, Non-nutritive sweetener: Sucralose, Momordica charantia (Bitter melon), D-pinitol, Anti-Caking agent: Silicium dioxide, Zinc glycinate, Chromium picolinate.


Mix 2 scoops (60g) with 300ml water for a serving. For the first 5 days (loading phase): Take 1 serving three times daily, 1 in the morning when you wake up, 1 before your workout and the other immediately after. On non-training days, spread the 3 servings throughout the day. Maintenance phase (after 5 days): Take 1 serving daily, immediately prior to exercise, or on non-training days, after waking up. Servings may be halved, if required. IMPORTANT: Remember to have at least 8-12 glasses of water per day.

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