Chocolate Orange Mousse

By Ollie Matthews


BBW Pure Whey 80 – Kierans Chocolate Orange
One Jug
One Aerolatte Frother
150ml Soy Milk / Skimmed Milk

Chocolate Orange Mousse

Use the aerolatte to froth the milk until it is around the 400ml mark in the jug.

Pop into the microwave on full power around 60seconds or until the milk is nearly spilling over the jug, froth once more, notice the mixture is slightly thicker now, and place back into the microwave for around 20-30 seconds until nearly overflowing once again then insert the scoop of premium whey gradually frothing all the time to make sure no lumps are formed.

Pop back into the microwave until the mixture is nearly frothing over, let it go down once again and then finally one more blast in the microwave until nice and thick I cannot reiterate how much you will have to keep an eye on the mixture in case it froths over. Grab a spoon and ENJOY!

Note to self…..clean microwave….

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