Most Common Nutritional Mistakes

Biggest Common Nutritional Mistakes

1. Vitamin C and Other Antioxidants Immediate Post Workout
Taking anything classed as an antioxidant is fantastic at any other time besides before and after training, your body is damaged and is now in a natural process of adaptation to the stress exerted by which it can now build new muscle tissue, inflammation is a necessary 1st process in growing & key to progression.

2. Not Eating 3hrs Before Bed
In order to maintain muscle you need adequate protein when you sleep between 6-10 hours.  You need to drag the protein absorption out by adding essential fats which will slow down absorption as well as providing an energy source. This is so the protein isn’t used as fuel and instead used to maintain muscle mass in growth and repair.  You can add carbohydrates into the mix, although if you want to maximise growth hormone levels to aid repair then any carbohydrates will prevent a high growth of hormone levels; if you don’t consume anything for the sleeping 10hr+ period you’re missing out on a growth period & potentially losing muscle tissue. 

3. Avoiding Creatine Due to Stomach Upsets
I have heard many times how creatine never works for this person but works fantastic for another person, I believe there is a creatine for everyone. Personally I notice better strength & size effects from creatine gluconate than I do from monohydrate or Kre-alkayn.  Many people get stomach upsets from creatine and it may be down to the way they are using it, it must be dissolved in warm water until the water is clear, if it isn’t dissolved it won’t be absorbed. For athletes who can’t afford to carry extra water weight, Kre-alkayn creatine is their best choice. 

4. Using a Meal Replacement Devoid of Nutrition
For a proper meal replacement, protein shakes alone aren’t enough to grow, repair and maintain the body. You need a full array of macronutrients and micronutrients. Protein in nature is never found without added natural occurring micronutrients and macronutrients. Here is a basic mrp shake to blend together in jug with a hand blender: 30-35g Pure Whey Protein 80, 2 small bananas or 5 tbsp oats/Tbp Pure Peanut Butter/1 small cup frozen raspberries

5. Avoiding Fats
As humans we have eaten all types of fats since the dawn of age, we have never eaten refined carbohydrates and not in the copious amounts like we do today which has shown links to an increase in heart disease. In order to have optimal testosterone levels, research shows 30% of calories in your diet need to come from fats, specifically only naturally occurring types which come from animal fats, mct’s, macadamia nut oil, olive oil and cod liver oil. Also eating ‘good fats’ encourages the body to get rid of ‘bad fats’.

6. Not eating any fiber “hardcore eating”
Without adequate fiber intake whatever you eat literally can become clogged up in the digestive works that is the intestines. If you do not have an adequate amount of fiber in your diet it can produce a very acidic gut. Fiber will ensure good health helping to prevent colon cancer. If you aren’t getting enough fiber through your diet an easy option is a fiber supplement. Having adequate soluble and insoluble fiber ensures you clean out the intestines alkalising it as well as ensuring you have no bloating. It will help your next meal get absorbed more efficiently and all waste will be excreted out of the body rather than getting clogged.

7. Consuming No Raw Dairy                                                                             
For many years raw dairy was a natural part of the typical person’s diet which included crucial “friendly” bacteria. Supplements such as pro-biotics make up for an absence of raw dairy, 6 billion bifidus acidophilus is a good dose. This will boost the immune system providing a stronger guard against illness. With all the antibiotics in our diets from supermarket meats which kill friendly gut bacteria, pro-biotics are required on a daily basis to restore healthy gut bacteria levels & raise the body’s immunity against possible infection.

By Joshua Ainsworth

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